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Thread: The Toy Section Posting Policy - Vintage, Clone Wars & MH/DTF Sections

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    The Toy Section Posting Policy - Vintage, Clone Wars & MH/DTF Sections

    This is just a reminder about the posting policy of the Vintage, Clone Wars and the Movie Heroes/Discover the force in 3d toy sectiona since some people were wondering about it in another thread.

    For this section of the forum we have started "main threads" this is where each product or event has it's own thread where all discussion can take place...keep it nice, simple and easy to follow for all forum users here.

    What we find with open forums with huge amounts of traffic is that discussion spreads into multiple threads and can get extremely hard to follow. To combat this, this is why only the mod team can start threads here.

    If you don't see a thread for an item or have a suggestion* for a thread please PM the mod team for this section which consists of Curto, Daigo_bah, Since1978 or myself GNT and a thread maybe created.

    * Please keep in mind for thread suggestions if it can go in the "main thread" then a new thread will not be started. Ideas for threads will be taken into consideration.

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    Users are now able to suggest ideas for threads in the "group" section of the forum, by clicking the links below, please take into mind the above posting policy as thread ideas will be taken into consideration.

    The Clone Wars and The Vintage Section

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