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Thread: Rebel Heroes Battle Pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by R5_D2 View Post
    The packaging for the new BPs make it even worse. It feels like a cheap knockoff. "Space Battles" Fight Pack!

    Lol, this made my day!! I thought the same thing when I saw them...........very "Dollar Tree" looking!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPaxis View Post
    I think this is a clear indication that Hasbro thinks kids are chumps, I don't know how anyone considered repacking figures over five years old to be a solid plan...
    Its not the kids that are the chumps necessarily, but it's the adults/parents that buy them for gifts that are getting ****** in the *** by Hasbro.

    Hasbro, you might as well come straight out and tell consumers that you enjoy screwing people over because it's makes lots of money for you. Grow a pair of ***** instead of hiding in your little boardroom watching innocent people spend their hard-earned money on your crap.

    What ever happened to integrity these days?
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    This battle pack is a complete joke. That Han is a disgrace at this point. I still rather like the Chewie, but the VOTC one is just flat-out better. At least the 3PO is decent, but you can probably still find the saga legends version.

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    I saw a whole pile of this set shelf warming at walmart today, I think this set can officially be labeled an absolute fail. There had to have been at least a dozen of them on the shelf, and they were an absolute mess, it looked like someone had scattered them frantically trying to find the droid pack.

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    ^ Agree. I have not seen seen a single one of these move in any store I have seen receive them. Same goes for that Geo set. The other set that is really warming the shelf and was made in absolute whorish quantities is the Pod Racer set. I miss the days when battlepacks were exciting to find. Well, the Astromech set is exciting to me I guess but with all these duds hogging space everywhere I am not too certain about finding it.

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    I saw a nice steaming pile of these today at Walmart and thought to myself, "What a lovely place to hide something behind because you know those just aren't going anywhere...."

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    Got one of these and the Clone Trooper BP for €4.50 each. The clone trooper set is great anyway. This one is poor enough but I didn't have a gold 3PO and the one in this is more than good enough IMO. 6 figures for €9 is not a bad day really.

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    Open question - do we miss this set now?

    Its obvious why collectors were disappointed when this set came out, considering the other lines could clearly deliver lots of new figures of equal or superior quality - but today, the main focus is on 5POA figures, and vac-metallization is gone. Even the Han and Chewie reissued in this set are superior articulation-wise to nearly all of the figures on shelves today. But at least the 5POA figures are supplying new sculpts, hypothetically.
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    I don't. In terms of that style, there are/were far better selections than those available.
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    I miss these sets. While I didn't buy them all there were a few gems.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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