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Thread: Vulture Droid - TPM

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    Will be picking this one up, thats for sure!
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    This is the only good thing I've seen so far.

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    Weird they didn't paint its head an accurate olive green. Don't know if I'll pick this up, I'm happy with my 1999 squad and Royal Starship pack-in.

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    Very happy with this one. Will be picking up multiples.
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    Think I'll be picking this up, seeing as I loved the Mace vs. Vulture Droids sequence from the Clone Wars microseries.

    Looks pretty neat, and I'm interested in the 3-D aspect of the back of the packaging.
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    This is too oversized. I think someone did a size ratio when TCW version came out to prove it. I am also very happy with the original '99 releases of these, just wish they had a more accurate paint app.

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    Um, no it's not buddy. I've checked height from figs and pics with the TCW one and since it's a repaint of that it's scaled correctly. If it is oversized, then this is the first time we can say that about a SW vehicle/ship since H always underscales some of them.
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    I need a better look at this but I am excited by what I have seen so far!

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    It looks very nice. Maybe buying one.
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