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Thread: Royal Starship Droids Battle Pack

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    Maybe the other pack will be all R5's like the one in Jabba's box seat area? I know, I know, I'm dreaming the impossible dream now, ain't I? But how cool would that be... Seriously.

    PS to Orangepeace: Thanks for pointing that out. A BAD R2-D2 will indeed be awesome! Somehow, looking at this pack, as excited as I was, I totally failed to even note this fun fact!!!
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    I am surprised so many people are thinking R2-A6 is new?? Photo Archive
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    Don't get me wrong I love the concept, only it should have had something new to offer in the way of something we don't already have.

    Obviously they knew this was coming so why not pack int that yellow trimmed R5 instead of R2, a Droid that many already have plenty of as it is.
    Plus they could have thrown it the other Droid that goes by too fast to make out.

    I like the fact they're trying especially with R2-R9, which has been a tough one to track down if you're not interested in sets.
    R2-A6 wasn't necessary as he can be bought second hand fairly easy and cheap, R2-B1 on the other hand was screwed up in the TAC line so it's nice to get an accurate version.

    I know they want to try and keep it TPM focused, but they could have thrown any background Droid from the PT into this and it would have been a winner IMO.
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    The thing with the TAC R2-B1 is that he is VERY close to one of the ROTS Jedi starfighter hangar astromechs, and can be seen at the same time as the one who is very close to R2-MK in design also. That's why I got a TAC one.
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    Want want want. I'm so all over this set. This R2-B1 actually looks good. Can't wait for this.
    Are you very mechanical? Well, I was just wondering if you could tell me where this goes? See I wasn’t really online when they were programming us for logic repairs. Usually I can figure it out but these old R5′s are kinda built backwards, know what I mean? Heh! No, you don’t know what I mean…

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    missed the SAGA EE sets a few ysr back, so luv this !
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    I'd rather see a set of OT droids, like the old EE sets (I missed out on those), but at least they're trying a retail released set of droids.
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    Here's hoping it sells up a storm and sends a clear message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnTrooper View Post
    It's a Walmart exclusive. In the 3-D blurb it says "vist for more 3-D". As for the 1 of 2 I'm guessing it's the Mos Espa Arena pack which also has the Walmart 3-D blurb.
    i think you're right - mos espa is 1 and this one is 2.
    it also looks like the vulture droid is 1 and the dewback is 2.

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    This set looks cool. Except for the red astromech, I have the others, but the droid cahrging stations are an added bonus.
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