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Thread: STAP With Battle Droid

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    I've always liked the STAPs and Battle Droids. I'll be picking one up!

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    I'm a huge sucker for STAPs and Battle Droids. I'll probably give in to this one if I see it.

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    Really? This battle droid? Ugh. I would have bought it if it had a better BD, same with Darth Maul and his speeder. It's disappointing to see all of these repacks/repaints from 99!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revanfan1 View Post
    For those here in their late teens/early twenties, this might bring some nostalgia. :friendly_wink:
    True. It would be a real kicker if they re-released it in that same 1998 Sneak Preview window box, only with updated outer VC graphic theme.

    Ah, I remember getting this when I was eleven from my local comic shop in November (?) 1998. I used that Battle Droid for many stop-motion movies back then. Fond memories.:tears_of_joy:

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    Nice addition for those that missed out. I've got two, so I won't need it.
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    Wow, blast from the past indeed.
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    HD picture of STAP:

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    PASS. It looks like a the old one.
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    If they had thrown a Pilot or Security Droid in with this I might've been interested, as I don't have a STAP or either of those droid variants. Not gonna bite on a standard infantry version, though, even if that is more accurate to the movie.
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