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Thread: Dewback Pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by pohatu771 View Post
    Does anyone have a highly-detailed picture illustrating the differences? For how much screen time they have in Episode I (which I can't even remember), it seems odd that they didn't re-use the ANH SE model.
    Accurate SE ep.4 Dewback: Photo Archive

    Accurate original Dewback: Photo Archive

    Accurate ep.1 Dewback: Photo Archive
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    I absolutely hate the ep. I dewbacks...I've always thought of them as the 1997 version even when they were just background props and nothing more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysterioMaximus View Post
    Now that's what I'd like to see. I know the difference between the original ANH and the EP1, but I thought the SE and EP1 were the same.
    Have a look in the legacy section from back in 09. It was discussed heavily back then I remember pictures and comparisons in that thread.
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    So would it be safe to assume this is a Walmart exclusive since it promotes on the back?
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    I like my POTF dewback, I put the new sandtrooper on the old dewback and tossed the "new" dewback in the closet where it's collecting dust

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    At first I thought the new dewback had a smaller head than the last but they are indeed the same.

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    hmm funny how the Sideshow Dewback is posed nearly the same as the POTF2 Dewback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revanfan1 View Post
    Maybe it's a "Tatooine set." 1 of 2 is Bantha and 2 of 2 is Dewback.
    no, it looks like they are walmart exclusives and the vulture droid is 1 of 2

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    I will never, ever like any style of dewback other than the Star Wars '77 version. That Kenner toy and the accompanying promotional materials are too deeply ingrained.

    Which is a long way of saying, "No thanks. Enjoy, imaginary audience Lucasfilm thinks will be showing up for this fiasco."

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    I keep forgetting how nice the POTF2 dewback is. I never opened mine.

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