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Thread: Clone Wars General TV Show Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simdog View Post
    Who thinks a young, Padawan Kanan (from Rebels) will show up in the new season of CW?
    I've been rewatching all four seasons of Star Wars: Rebels. As you all know, the Grand Inquisitor taunts Kanan by correctly guessing the name of his former master, Depa Billaba. Kanan later says her final words to him were, "Run."

    I'm with you. Really, really hoping for just a glimpse of Billaba and her padawan, if that's all time allows for.

    I'd also like to wish for a cameo appearance by a certain Jedi Temple Guard, but he'd have his helmet on, so ... we'd never know for sure it was he.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
    1. After Sidious captures Maul, he uses Maul as bait to trap Mother Talzin. Mother T is killed and Maul flees back to Mandalore to continue his Criminal empire. For some reason Sidious doesn't care.
    Now that you mention it, this could also be way for them to elaborate/tie-in on why Maul was in Solo.

    Could be interesting, or it could be just a bunch more retcons etc.
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    True. That Solo reveal was surprising to me. It tells us that Maul is doing very well and it the head of Crimson Dawn. From that I'm guessing that he likely won the Siege of Mandalore battle.

    I guess he could have lost and is running Crimson Dawn from exile, but that doesn't sound right for a powerful being like him. Since Solo tanked in the theaters, I'm not sure if we will get a full answer, at least in movie form.

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