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Thread: EnigmaticOne Feedback thread

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    Daniel is an awesome buyer! Very friendly, prompt payment and gave me an awesome pointer on how to deal with warped lightsabers. I hope to deal with him again soon!
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    Sold a couple more figures to Daniel. He has amazing communication and was very patient with me. GREAT BUYER!
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    I got 2 figures for a great price shipped, and am very pleased with them. They got here very quickly, and I'm happy he could help me out!
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    Bought a Prime Transformer from him, thanks for the help on the HTF figure! Wonderful guy, very recommended!

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    Got to meet Daniel in person for a swap and one can't deal with a nicer person. Never, ever hesitate to trade with this man.
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    Made a trade with Daniel (our first one) and it went very smooth. My figure arrived in mint condition. I hope to deal with him again. Thanks again Daniel!

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    Daniel bought some figures from me a while back and I meant to leave feedback then! Sorry! Kept in touch, paid promptly, a great scummer!
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    Great person to deal with and pays promptly. Thank you

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    Just had a good transaction with this scummer. Excellent communication and prompt payment. Would definitely work with again. Thanks!!

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    Super fast payment, thanks a bunch and I hope you like your figures!
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