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Thread: Feedback for Yodashizzle

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    Feedback for Yodashizzle

    My feedback thread...
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    Re: Feedback for Yodashizzle

    I know yodashizzle has made many transactions here, but now we have his OFFICIAL feedback thread!

    Great scummer. He bought some figures from me. He was very direct and quick with correspondence and paid quickly.

    Great transaction.
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    My Feedback

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    Re: Feedback for Yodashizzle

    Yodashizzle was quick and fast with his payment for some figures he bought from me. A great transaction I wouldn't hesitate to sell to him again.
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    Feedback Thread!:

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    Great guy to deal with. Paid fast and made the process easy. Thank you!

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    Completed a couple of great trades with Joe - Generous and a nice guy to work with. Looking forward to future deals!

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    First trade with yodashizzle and everything couldn't have gone better. Great guy with great communication throughout the deal. Would highly recommend and will definitely trade with again. Thank you again yodashizzle.

    roron corobb

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