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Thread: Jabba Focus Collectors: Part 2

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    VERY interesting news! Thanks! I added an entry to my site about it, with a little analysis of what appears to be included. The new skiff also looks pretty cool.

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    I posted in the old thread about a mysterious Jabba sculpt that was apparently going to be released sometime in the future:

    I now know that it is being released by Knight Models as part of their line of white metal model kits. More info and pictures are on my blog. I'm definitely excited about this one.

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    And Lego took down the video, but I'm looking forward to seeing they sets they came up with.
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    Seems like they were legit, then. I still have the pictures of the Jabba-related sets on my site (no cease-and-desist received or anything like that -- yet). The day I posted about those videos my site got the highest traffic ever. Some major facebook site linked to them, but I don't know which.

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    SUCH a nice card.... I got the Vader and Dove one last year... from steve Sansweet... with a personal message to me.... !

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    Can someone please post, if they have, a size comparison pic of SS vs GG Jabba? Interested in a size difference...

    Thank you

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    This isn't ideal, but I don't have the space to show them side by side. The Sideshow version is substantially larger.

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