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Thread: Fantasy Flight SW Miniatures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergiu View Post
    How much would be a TIE Fighter alone? And what about the entire game? And where to buy it from?
    $8.97, which is quite reasonable, IMO. TFAW has them on sale: they're very good for international shipping and I'd definitely vouch for their service. Good outfit.
    X Wing at

    Good hunting, Sergiu.

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    Thanks for the link DD. Those are the best prices I have seen sionce Amazon listed them for sale for $7 last year (and sold out before I could order). I just ordered myself a little fleet of fighters. I can't wait to get 'em.

    International shipping was surprisingly reasonable too, although in this instance I had them sent to a friend in California whom I will be visiting in two weeks instead, which was half the price.

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks again for the move, Darth Sid.

    DD, I don't actually have any FT or HM Star Wars ships, oddly enough, sorry.

    I've gotten a bunch of fresh pics to share, but I'm going to use spoiler tags since there are quite a few of these.

    So first off we have the previously mentioned Slave I:


    I really like the inflight display stand.

    Only one choice of the pilot card on this one really.

    And of course in comparison with the Titanium.

    Next we move on to the fighters. They are not nearly as big, I'd say the big ships are in scale with the fighters. Overall they look a bit like a really high quality versions of Micromachine fighters, better sculpts, much better paint jobs.

    TIE fighter:

    TIE Advanced:





    And last but not least the A-wing:


    And a couple of group shots:


    I didn't pick up the TIE Interceptor yet because the price went through the roof while I was looking at it. The fighters are quite good but the real class of the line are the 'Falcon and the Slave I for me. Big, well painted and both more impressive than their Titanium counterparts in person. I sure hope they add more "big" ships to the line, especially if they go with capital ships. Even so, they're a great option.

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    Great shots, cheers again Ben. Those comparisons are very helpful.
    The Slave I looks to be about the same size as the DA: very tempting to this TS collector, indeed.
    Agreed, the small fighters are like super MMs with better paint and sculpting. It's cool that all of 'em are in in scale with each other, too.
    I'd love to see more "big" ships from FFG, too. Besides capital ships, I wonder if they'll do PT ships?

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    Nice pics - the Falcon looks fantastic next to those TIE Fighters. The scale is perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Duranium View Post
    $8.97, which is quite reasonable, IMO. TFAW has them on sale: they're very good for international shipping and I'd definitely vouch for their service. Good outfit.
    X Wing at

    Good hunting, Sergiu.
    Thanks DD!

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Nice pics. I got to see the Falcon and Slave I at my local hobby shop yesterday. They look pretty good. I noticed one Slave I was missing a gun (makes me worried about purchasing them online) and the Falcon has the underside turret facing backwards (not a big issue). My problem was the $30 price tag. Has anyone seen the larger boys cheaper than that?

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    Hmm if online is a concern I'm not sure it'd be much help but I picked up the larger duo from Amazon for under $24 each.

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    That's not bad. I know Amazon and TFAW can take of me (I will easily vouch for super-excellent TFAW service). Ebay will protect me as well, I just don't want the hassle, nor do I really like being that guy "the one laser cannon is slightly bent and the yellow on the wings is a bit off center" know...the really snarky fanatics...which I'm good at. I'd rather see it in person. But I may try Amazon or TFAW whenever they get the Falcon.

    BTW: What's up with the TIE Interceptor? I've only seen one auction on ebay, and it was like a set of cards or something for $25?

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    Well all of mine came via Amazon so anecdotally I've had a good experience with them on the FFG ships, but I have prime so free shipping does help too.

    I'm not sure if it was a limited run or they're just not fulfilled completely yet but I've been watching the TIE Intercepter go in and out of stock online a fair bit. Which is why I've held off on chasing one too hard so far.

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