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Thread: Fantasy Flight SW Miniatures

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    They look nice, but definitely something I'll be avoiding.
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    The new pics really show some nice detail - they seem to be an upgrade to the SSB minis...

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    Saw these at my local hobby store last night. They aren't bad. They remind me of better detailed MM. I'd warn anyone wanting to buy these to see them in person or get a picture of the exact item as I noticed one terribly molded/warped X-wing next to another that looked perfect.

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    I'd love to pick up the Batwing and Batmobile Armor 'specials' judging by these first two, so I sure hope NA gets a shot at them.

    Let me see that ME Fighter should be about 5" long.

    The FFG 'Falcon was indeed surprisingly large when it arrived today. It's plastic with good detail, I'd say reminiscent of the F-Toys line in terms of feel and quality, the Sensor dish moves as well. Here's a couple of pics of it, I have a few more but I wasn't actually sure which thread it would belong in.

    (That's a Titanium 'Falcon next to it.)

    I'm really quite pleased with it and may end up chasing the rest of the line, quite cool.

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    Great shots, cheers Ben. I don't think that there's a thread for FFG, actually. Should be, they're cool.
    Agreed, it's very similar to the F-Toys/Finemolds Falcon: I like the new detail wash, in particular. Saw one at a comic shop this w/e ($30) and was quite impressed with it, very tempted. BTW, I hear their Slave I is Titanium-sized, about 3.5" long.
    And I hope we see some FFG cap ships!

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    Funny you should mention the Slave I, DD, one just so happened to show up on my doorstep this afternoon. It looks a little bit bigger than the titanium to my eye (in the box) but I'll get some comparison pictures to make sure.

    Maybe we should make a Star Wars Gaming Ships thread, that way we can cover the FFG, Starship Battles etc. from a ship perspective rather than the 'game' side, since there already is a tabletop sub-board. Any others that would qualify that I'm not thinking of?

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    Oh wow, there was a thread for the FFG ships, very cool. Thanks to whoever moved this conversation in here, and sorry for the slightly off topic intro (and this double post).

    Please accept more pictures of the 'Falcon as an apology.

    I really like how they offer multiple Pilot Cards for the Falcon and I'm assuming the others as well. I went with Han of course, but I love having the option of Lando.

    And since the Titanium are such a well known scale I took several shots for sizing purposes.

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    Hehe, totally forgot that a thread for the FFGs was started a year and a half ago... by me, as it turns out! Erm, duh. Actually, I think there's an SSB thread somewhere too, IIRC.

    Cheers for the pics, Ben. Any chance we could see the FFG Falcon next to the F-Toys and/or large Hallmark? Also wouldn't mind seeing the Slave I next to the Titanium version, if you get a chance.

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    I merged the posts with the proper thread. That Falcon is pretty amazing - hard to describe it as a "miniature" though.

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    How much would be a TIE Fighter alone? And what about the entire game? And where to buy it from?

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