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Thread: The Vintage Collection - General Toy Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkKnight07 View Post
    Here you go:

    Damn, that is pretty rough
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi_guardian View Post
    Yeah everything I have ordered from Amazon lately has arrived in terrible condition and I have sent them back for replacements and eventually refunds. I will not be buying any more Vintage Collection figures from them.

    Here's a pic of the second damaged Phasma I received from Amazon.
    Eh I open it all anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberSonic83 View Post
    Hey thanks for reposting this, I never saw any of it. Hasbro outright CONFIRMS more playsets! That in itself is incredible news, even if we pretty much knew it was already coming. Really happy they see the viability in them, especially now at this point when so many collectors have amassed loads of figures and have been waiting years for environments to put them in. I think this will really help Hasbro, especially with the OT.

    They've done most of the popular figures definitively, so the playsets allow another way for Hasbro to keep milking the OT lucratively, and a great way to collectors to keep enjoying the figures we already have. I can't tell you the excitement I got when I first saw the images of Jabba's Palace and thinking of all the great figures I could put in there to display. We all win with playsets!
    You're welcome. It's definitely great that Hasbro themselves confirmed more play-sets are coming after JTA and Yakface all but confirmed them previously. Nice to hear it directly from Hasbro though. I'm optimistic at least one more play-set will be revealed from the five European cons. Maybe more. After the success of Jabba's trophy room I'm sure they've got a few in the works.

    I'm definitely with you. The play-set was one of the most exciting TVC reveals for this year. Not just because of what it is but the possibilities for the future.

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