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Thread: Trade Federation MTT Droid Carrier

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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    If it is the MTT then I guess I am not getting the big vehicle next year. This vehicle does not excite me at all. I am hoping something a little more aggressive myself. However, those of you that want this for your sake I do hope you get it....

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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    I don't see this one moving as well as the Falcon or AT-AT. Just not iconic enough. If it does come out and sell poorly, I hope it doesn't kill plans for other BMF-type vehicles in the future.
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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    I wouldn't say no if Hasbro were to release it, they'll have to pump out more Battle Droids for all of us to fill it up

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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Masterjedi4612
    Except for the part where he gave the whole "I can't release anything at this time," line. That is almost always used when the answer to a question is yes but they're contractually obligated to decline any comments.
    Except he's not actually in charge, or is he one of the Q&A guys whose job is to confirm or deny information. It sounded to me more like he was just trying to cover himself in case he misspoke, since even saying "no, I don't think we're doing one" could get him in trouble.
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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    This one bores me and I dislike most things PT-related...I'd rather have a different brown vehicle filled with different kinds of droids.

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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackRook
    I didn't think that was a strong hint at all. If anything, it was a dismissive "yeah, sure, maybe, would be fun, but we'll see!" The guy seemed to be expressing his personal opinion, not giving any kind of hint on whether or not Hasbro has one planned.
    You are absolutely correct Sir!
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    A Mini Rig version would be beyond awesome, however!
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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    I'd love to see it, but I agree that it's probably not coming. I think it could be pretty awesome, tricked out with lots of missile launchers and guns. And, of course, a deployable rack for battle droids.

    Ah well......

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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scockery
    BIg problem with it, besides being a bad guy item, is that it's whole feature requires having a bunch of Battle Droid action figures that either won't be included, making it unappealling as a purchase to anyone but hardcore collectors, or will be included, which means reducing its scale or pricing it at $300.
    its going to be out of scale, hasbro wont dare release it in scale.
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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    If this gets made, a 2017 Sail Barge is a lock.
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    Re: Trade Federation MTT - 2012 Hint?!

    I am fairly certain we will see this... I am also fairly certain we have only seen the tip of the iceberg on TPM releases... its been too long since a real SW film was in theaters, people forget... its gonna be huge... even the special editions had huge promo and that was for 1 spring... we are talking a dedicated film for each year, probably with 6 mo later DVD release... the Hasbro lineup is gonna be pretty substantial I think...

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