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Thread: Trade Federation MTT Droid Carrier

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    Bit of a longshot this far on, but is anyone able to provide a high quality scan of the decal sheet (or the actual decal sheet). Picked up a second one after getting into BF2 and while new in box, had the sticker sheet missing :/
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    Wish this would get a re-release in the CIS blue colors of TCW.

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    eBay and spray paint are your friends.

    This will never get rereleased. It was a failure in sales. It broke over the $100 mark that the AT-TE and AT-AT had managed to stay under. And even though it was a good toy that was well made, it just was not an iconic vehicle like the BMF or AT-AT were. Even I was able to pass on this one, even when it was on sale at Marshalls for $40. Why? Because I had run out of room for things like this, and wasn't going to add to the clutter for a MTT.

    I did like how it had that droid fighter that sold separately.

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    This was such a weird release. I know we were in like a strange 3D Walmart line/quasi-end of VC/some 5POA stuff time but even with TPM back in theaters it still felt like it was out of left field.

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    Considering the support needed for the barge, this has got to be dead last on their revival minds. lol
    I'm sure it has/had its supporters, but yes it was an odd choice. I never once wanted it. In theory it's great for action oriented displays and play, and house tons of "built-in" troops. But I feel one of the other larger Tanks would have been a better choice. Something that actually shoots and rolls over wreckage etc. As opposed to a boring lump of cargo hauler.
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    Growing up with TPM as ‘my Star Wars’ when I was 6, I loved the MTT and battle droids, so was glad to see it released. I have similar views as above towards Jabba’s Barge or the Sandcrawler. They were the brown lumps that weren’t exciting lol.
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    I suppose it's all on one's point of view. But a lot more happens on the Barge than the MTT. All it did was show up and expel Battle Droids. It wasn't even in a pivotal scene was it? Like someone going inside to sabotage it, or a duel in or on it.
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    That was the appeal as a kid. The fact these spewed out a seemingly limitless army of cool looking droids to fight the good guys made them rather interesting. The barge came across as a location rather than vehicle to me. Sure we see it moving a bit, but being stationary and having so much action take place inside it I never saw it as a cool vehicle like the MTT or even something like the Falcon. Definately all point of view and what SW you grew up with. I do hope that barge project works out though for those who want it. I’ve never been one of those petty fans that say something shouldn’t be made just because I don’t want it. I know for many it’s an iconic as hell vehicle.
    In my book, experience outranks everything.

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    Its nice seeing them in Battlefront 2.

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