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Thread: "New" Hasbro Marvel Legends

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    Anyone need a Marvel legends Giant man wave Shield Trooper? If so Pm me I’m tryin to trade one away haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    Yeah that Jim Lee Cyclops is my favorite. The Dark Phoenix 2-pack is nice as well but its hard to beat the nostalgia factor of the cartoon. Were getting closer to that cartoon team.

    1. Cyclops (Warlock wave)
    2. Jean Grey (needs a redo)
    3. Wolverine (Apocalypse wave)
    4. Beast (needs a redo)
    5. Rogue (Juggernaut wave)
    6. Storm
    7. Jubilee (2019 X-men wave)
    8. Gambit (2019 X-men wave)
    9. Prof X (Riders wave)

    Just Jean, Storm and Beast are holding us back. Maybe in a second X-men wave. But more likely 2020 and beyond to finish them out. I think they know if we got all of those figs and lot of collectors might be done. Still, pretty happy were getting 3 off the list in 2019. Pretty impressive.

    Also 2018 was a pretty good return. Getting Jim Lee Bishop, Cable, Sauron, Psylocke, Apocalypse, Sabretooth, Omega Red. Lots of characters from the cartoon.
    Can't forget Morph! Hahaha. And since Forge is coming, they've basically got the body done.

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