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Thread: All Things Ebay - Good BIN Deals "Part 12"

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    Hi guys,

    I know I'm new to this place, but I am a huge Star Wars fan and not new to forums in general.
    I owned quite a large collection till a few years ago when I sold the wrong time!

    Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone here knew about the following Star Wars Force Awakens concept art (as it's fairly important in my opinion): memorabiliaservices | eBay

    EDIT: Just noticed this thread is for eBay BIN items. I apologise for posting in this section - I can't figure out which section to place it!


    (By the way, WookieWok refers to my favourite characters)
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    Not sure I understand the concept of "original" computer generated concept art. If it's pieces that were used for approval for images used in the film and been theough the hands of Abrams or other relevant department heads then I believe it would be considered "production-used" copies of artwork. Otherwise these just seems like prints. Not sure what the term "original" excatly refers to in this instance.

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    I need to confirm for fear of any potential confusion that these are NOT simply prints.

    Concept artwork for most modern film is completed digitally, that is on a computer. What then happens is that these pieces are printed off for select cast and crew. That is how these pieces are classed as original concept art. You will be hard-pressed to find any hand-drawn pieces and so that is another reason why collectors are now cottoning on that this is the next best thing (well, it's often the only thing!), whether it be for Star Wars, James Bond or any other movie.

    I understand if someone doesn't collect this sort of thing they won't be interested or have much knowledge about it, but this stuff came from the set and is genuine (they aren't photocopies). Nobody else is currently selling it. I do know of a collector (not personally) in the USA though who acquired different pieces not being sold here from the same, original source.

    As a general rule, I suppose as collectors we shouldn't discredit something before knowing all the information :-)

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    A superb AT-AT helmet, you cannot miss such a wonderful piece:

    Made me spill my drink when first saw this work of art LOL
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    Wow that blows the Laws version away! Hopefully they'll offer a companion chest box and armor! Bwahahaha

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    It looks like the real deal!
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    Hi , don't know if this is against any rules ?

    [eBay link removed per forum rules - Admin]

    sorry if it is breaking any rules ? But I thought you might be interested ?

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    Yes, is against the Forum's rules
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