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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    Area News

    Laurel Target completing reset : saw Jedi Force preschool vehicle sets in Imagintext aisle, adding modular end cap add-on for more Star Wars. Had all mini-rigs & new battle packs, some Vintage wave 7.

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    Re: Area News

    I checked out the TRUs in Gaithersburg & Frederick. Both have the the 2 for $11 sale. But neither had suitable figures for sale.

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    Re: Area News

    Picked up stealth ops Blackout exclusive & Separatist speeder exc. With Geo. Warrior at Glen Burnie TRU. Stock left on both.

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    Re: Area News

    I went to TRU in Gaithersburg Yesterday. They did not have the Stealth Ops in yet. I am fighting the urge to check there everyday. But I know from Ponds/Nitko experience that this figure will be plentiful and on occasion free during the next year.

    I ended up picking up a 3rd scout speeder from Target. I had seen it last week and no one had touched it for nearly a week. I had left it last week since I felt guilty of picking up all of the $4.24 low hanging fruit. But now that is sat on the pegs for a while, I figure that all of the hunters have had their chance.

    Walmart still has stuffed pegs with old stock. Sad for me.

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    Re: Area News

    I've still only seen one Scout speeder which I bought, and none of the Y-wings. Seems most the other sets are warming the pegs. Not too surprising since they were still warming the pegs when they had slightly different packaging. Silly hasbro.

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    Re: Area News

    Laurel Walmart finished reset-had mini rigs(no Y-wing)' BP's & new Jedi Force Playskool 2-figure packs.

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    Re: Area News

    Ellicott City TRU had exc. geo. & speeder bike plus 1 Rebel hanger dude & crew transport.

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    Re: Area News

    I checked Walmart today since its Friday (a good stocking day here) and because I read that someone found a TCW Chewy at a WM. But nothing new. Besides, their pegs are full of stock that are the same figures as last year. And at $7.88, they aren't moving anytime soon.

    It is that time of the year for the $4.50 special. I hope its soon.

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    Re: Area News

    Laurel WalMart had RC Hailfire Droi for 35.00 in clearance section. Laurel Target had Bom vindin wave minus Fordo.

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    Re: Area News

    My WM still has two HailFire Droids (TRU also has a few). I got one for $15 at Target on Clearance back in the Spring. I will scan the WM ones, but I'm not really looking for another.

    We found that the controls were not sensitive enough to control it properly. So it doesn't get played with too much. Unless of course you are using it to volley 24 shots at Dad while he's on the floor playing with other figures with your Sisters. Then it works great.

    I ran by Target & WM in Germantown. Nothing new to report there. Target does have Waxer/ATRT, Naboo Skiff, Jesse BARC, and some other DELUXE figure in the new more compact packaging.

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