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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    Yeah, I live north of Winchester. I bought one of those Death Star Trench Run sets you guys had for a year and half, back around Christmas. I check the Winchester TRU for different stuff once or twice a month. I have 3 kids, so we collect a lot of different things.

    I was in the Frederick TRU yesterday and saw they had 2 INCs on the pegs. Full price, I had to pass. Got this figure last week in Columbia.

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    How far North of Winchester? Because I live near the Clearbrook area.

    ...and it sounds like you put some miles on the car when you're hunting. All the way out to Columbia? I know thats about an hour and a half from here. I used to live right behind that Target on 175 and Snowden River, so I've made that drive many times.

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    I'm just north of you in Martinsburg. I work in Germantown, MD, and my daughter lives in Delaware. I also used to live in Columbia, so I'll hit a few stores there and in Annapolis when I'm going out there to pick her up. Won't be out that way again until the end of May though.

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    As of Friday, Hagerstown TRU had an INC on the pegs.

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    Yesterday I was back in the Hagerstown TRU and the INC was joined by another. 2 for $15 right now. Not bad if you don't have this figure yet. They had ANH Darth Vader also.

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    I picked up an Admiral Yularen at Giant this weekend for $5. He had been hanging there since 2010. I'm not kidding, we have seen him there since there and checked in on him regularly over the past three years. Now he's finally home.

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    Frederick TRU had an INC on the pegs last night. Didn't really look very hard though so there might have been other stuff.

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    I found a Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt 72 Ford Ranchero today at Target. Good for me. The first Super that I have found in the wild in about a year.

    Oh, and there are still some TCW Snow Plo, Cheap Bane figures out there.

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    my tru has the vintage endor AT-AT on the shelves. 129.99

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    Nothing new SW wide(doh!)...but Glen Burnie TRU had NECA's righteous Aliens Wave 1(Hicks, Hudson & Xenomorph), as well as Predator(1987) wave 9.

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