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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    Well, one week later, I find the whole Bespin Han wave.
    COlumbia target had em this morn. So i got Barris, Bom, Logray and Fleet trooper, and a second Han to pilot my BMF.
    It Kills me to see all the SDCC pics and the name cards at their feet and it reads "available : NOW" and they aren't.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    Tell ya what guys, I'm salivating pretty hard each time I see that Hasbro Death Star Pack from Comic Con. has a couple videos on the Hasbro Exclusive toys. That thing is friggin huge! It sells for $129 at the Con but I hear people are standing in line like 5 hours just to get Hasbro swag and thats after standing in line to get a ticket to have the opportunity to stand in line for swag! I know these will show up on ebay but they'll end up at $250 or more easy. Kills me!

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    Saw discontinued Galactic Heros at TJX today - $3.99 each.

    Didnt take note of which ones, but there were at least a dozen or so.

    Also had Wave 12 of the DC Universe figures (Eclipso, Iron, Copperhead etc.) for just $6.99. Not sure if anyone here collects them, thought I'd pass it along.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    Saw the Mandalorian Speeder Bike and Scout Tank deluxe figures at Marshalls of all places. Each was $9.99.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    I return from a Week at the Beach. Nice Time, but no scumming opportunities since y'know, its the beach!

    I did hit Germantown Target/WM this morning. I found the Colt Wave at Target. I also most picked up at 2nd Riot trooper, since I usually like to get a pair of clones to go with any commander (Fox in this case). But I passed. They also had those new Movie packs with a DVD and several figures.

    I checked WalMart. Nothing new, but they do at least have a pretty decent variety of figures. They even had a couple of ShakTi figures left. She has pretty much disappeared around here. I was thinking about picking up a spare of her since my girls put her to use often.

    I went by Target at the Rio. They had a pair of SpaceTrooper Legends and three Ahsoka w/Rotta figures.

    I also stopped by TRU G'Burg hoping to find a Fordo. Not sure why, but that TRU hasn't restocked TVC figures since Christmas. Only the Dengar/Lom Figures now for 6 months.

    They did have a new Vintage Y-Wing for $40. They also had a Castas, 2x BD with Tank, and a Grevious Wheely cycle.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    If anyone was looking for the SDCC Indiana Jones Lost Wave, it is available right now at HasbroToyShop.
    I ordered one for myself.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    Unfortunately I was one of the sheep hoping to score that Death Star Revenge set. Online, massive wait on load times, error messages, then "Out of Stock" blah!

    Anyway, local Target had the next wave of their exclusive three packs of figs. Imperial set looked cool but a pass. Still looking for the BWing/Kmart & Ywing/TRU as well as keeping an eye out for those commerotive fig sets for the Blu Ray release. Happy Hunts!

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    Scored the vintage wave while i was out of town near Detroit. Spotted them at the manassas super target today, picked up the 2nd fleet trooper, fordo and logray I needed.

    Also had no luck scoring any of the exclusives I wanted from HTS today.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    My Surprise score of the year, 2nd only to the Jedi Turbo Speeder. I went to Target last night actually shopping for something else. I went to the figures aisle (My body does this on autopilot now) and found Fordo. In fact the whole TVC wave was there on the pegs. I also nearly picked up TVC Barris Offee for my girls, but I held off. At $8.99 the TVC line is pricy.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

    Another Score today.

    I went to Target (RIO) at Lunch. I brought with me the DCPI codes for some of the new Clone Wars BPs, Mini-Rigs, and Attack shuttle.

    I go to the Toy aisle and before I enter, I get a "Can I help you find something" from a helpful clerk. I say "Sure, can you run some numbers for me?", he about jumps on that. He says that he shows a case of BPs in the back and goes and gets it.

    In it I find:

    2x Cad Bane Escape
    2x Attack on Geonosis
    1x Defend Camino
    1x Hunt for Grevious

    I pick up the Bane, Kamino, and Greivous BPs. The Paint app on my "Fives" from the Kamino BP is off, so I might actually return that one if a better one turns up. Still a pretty good haul.

    The Bane BP looks great, and it even comes with a Holocron, which for some reason I had not noticed, so it was a welcome surprise to me. Oh, and they rang up at $19.99. So the BPs with just 3 figures are at least under $20.

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