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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    I had a long early/late day at work today. I stopped by Target after work only to find the remnants of a new wave. I'm not sure who I missed, but I found El-Les and Kamino ARF left on the pegs along with a few repacks that weren't on the pegs a few days ago. I picked up Kamino ARF though because I'm pretty much a completest now when it comes to Clone Wars.

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    I decided to head 40 miles north to Newark DE because their TRU had a truck coming in today. They did restock but only with Saga Legends (sigh). They also put out the new BP and the Cannon thing. Since neither are on my want list I left empty-handed and disappointed (well I did get GoW3). It has been DEAD around here with only old restocks showing up. I keep hoping to talk in somewhere one day and she the holy grail but so far just the same ol....

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    Toys r us in rockville has the new Bobbae fet slave ship battle pack

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    Yeah, the over ordered that Rise of Fett UBP. They have had like 50 of them since last year. They had them on two aisle and two endcaps. They moved some over to the front display now. So hopefully they will begin to move. A few weeks ago I met another Dad in Target @ Germantown and he was looking for the Fett Ship. He said that they didn't have them in Rockville and he was going to head to Hagerstown. Luckily I was able to repoint him towards Rockville.

    The only problem with the Rockville TRU is that they seem to be priced about 10% higher on everything. Figures are a buck more, Fett UBP is $110 instead of $99. That kind of stuff.

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    yeh i wasnt impressed with the TRU in rockville. I'd really like to find me a Vintage Wedge Antille and Hoth Base Commander. Has any one seen these?

    I might take a trip back out to walmart in germantown tonite to see what they have.

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    picked up shirtless savage, hondo, el-les, and the defend kamino bp at the silver spring target.

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    I wish I could find some of the new waves. Did see the TRU coronet battle pack. Not sure if I will get it since the clones seem to have the dark blue markings as opposed to the lighter blue that most 501st clones have been getting. Getting tired of same ol figures or old waves at walmart, target, and tru. At least I got my form off for proto fett early enough to count.

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    Glen Burnie TRU also had Coronet BP...holding off for now. Target had BP's on sale for 17.99...did see Kamino at both Glen B. Targets plus some newer wave CW remnants, but all the good ones like Jett, Savage, etc. were long gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atomics20 View Post
    I might take a trip back out to walmart in germantown tonite to see what they have.
    I can tell you what the have. 3x Sand Troopers and 3x Endor Rebel Commandos. No other TVC as of this morning.

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    Hit TRU in Gaithersburg at Lunch. You know that "Attack on the Coronet" BP that won't be at this store? Wel, they had six of them. I am going to get it, but I need my wife's TRU credit card to use the $10 off coupon we have.

    No other new figures there, but they did have one of those Rebel Hanger Deluxe figures that those TVC folks slobber over. I guess when the trench run X-Wing comes out it will be a cool accessory.

    I also visited the Target at Rio. No new figures except one El-Les that mocked me by indicating that I had missed the new figures in his wave. I did several boxes of Monsters cereal which I love. BooBerry, Frankenberry here I come. Count Chocula, not so much.

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