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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    I hit the Germantown Stores.

    WM. I got there at 6am, Nothing on the displays. Still as empty as yesterday. I bugged them and a lady went back and returned with a guy pulling a shipper on the pallet. Dig In! The local Hot Wheel guy was there and we chatted. The shipper had 2x TVC cases, 2x BS6 cases, a Case of Lando Disguise, and a case of FO Jet Troopers BS6. Oddly there was only a single Mando and 2nd Sister in the shipper even though it was unopened. I got 5 of the TVC figures (left behind Poe). Someone else came by and scooped up the remain TVC Ren figure.

    Target: Got there at 8am. Nothing set up. Another collector arrived and he spotted the unopened boxes in the middle of the store at a empty display. We helped ourselves. One case of TVC, a case of BS6, and a case of Copper Mandos. I didn't see anything I didn't already get at WM and left empty handed.

    Gamestop: I read that they may have a Cmr Fox BS6 exclusive. My store didn't. Empty handed.

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    Have them look it up. Mine didn’t either, but called me around 2 pm and said it came in just now with their shipment. They were nice enough to hold it for me w/o a deposit.

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    I'm looking for the Jabbas Palace playset. My WM sold out of their original 3 Skiffs and have restocked with three more.

    I'm searching around on brickseek for the palace, but no luck. Not sure if I have a stale SKU number or if it really just anywhere around me.

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    Have you tried using It sometimes produces different results with the SKU.

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    It looks like it might be regional. I had a stale zipcod in my WM app from this summer when I was in up north of Baltimore. The WM app showed it in stock, but in the Ekton store. I put that zipcode in brickseek and and found that both the Aberdeen and the Elkton stores have several in stock. So bought one with in-store pick and will head up there tonight and get it. Its a bit of a drive, but my OCD won't let me rest until I have it in hand.

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    Well, I went up there and they said on Thursday that these were shown as in stock, but they don't have them out yet. They suspect that they are just arrived and either haven't been unloaded from the truck yet, or are in the back but still quite packed up. In short, there is no way that you are getting them tonight. I left. I thought that I had cancelled my online order/pick up, but today I received an email that my order is ready for pick up. .... Hmmmmm. I might have to head up there tonight and take a look.

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    I went up there last night and picked it up. They closed the online pickup at 8pm and I arrived at 8:30pm. Luckily she took pity on me and went into the back and got it. I checked the aisle and they are not on the shelves. So if you really want one, try the online order method and in store pickup.

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