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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    ...and they’re still there as of today. Trash compactor 6” Luke Trooper is now officially peg-warming.

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    South Glen Burnie Target had newest BS 6” wave...Mace, Padme, battle droid, mudtrooper, etc. All there as of 9 am.

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    Germantown Target has stocked two cases of Retro on pegs in the Toy aisle. They are down to just two Hantroopers. I took a Retro Stormtrooper home with me.

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    I heard about the half price Fathers Day collection sale (Retro Figures, 6" Trash Compactor Luke, Stormtrooper Hans).

    So I went to Germantown Target and all that they had was 6" Luke. He scans at $9.99. I had an associate check the DCPI number for the Retro figures. He says the system shows that they have 20 of them in section S99 (The seasonal section). So I wander around and find Toy Story 4 stuff, but not Retro. I end up coming back and he checks again in the back and comes out with two cases. I pick up a case and a 2nd Tarkin board game (not on sale).

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    Both Glen Burnie Targets had the new Aphra BS 6” wave...but no Choppers.

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