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Thread: New England Finds v10

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    Couldn't pass up Luke's lightsaber off Facebook Marketplace for 50 bucks.

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    I have a large collection for sale, all carded figures and MIB vehicles from 1995-2009 (mostly 2001-2009) in fantastic condition. Collection was appraised at $18,266. Very open to negotiations, as I'd prefer it to go to someone local who will appreciate it. Everything was kept in a smoke and pet free home.

    For a full list and pictures, please PM me if you are serious about purchasing the collection. I'm not interested in parting it out at this time so please no messages for single figures

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    I stopped in the Cranston Walmart today around 11am. I wanted to do some shopping for the house but also see if they started to build or put out anything for TFF. No Star Wars stuff to be found. However I think the same thing happened last year. I went the night before just to scope it out and nothing was on the floor, but the next day they had product.

    However they did have the new Hot Wheels out. No restrictions on those, I grabbed the green Resistance A-wing.
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    I did the same in North Smithfield Walmart. Nothing.

    I did find the new 5" Galaxy of Adventure figures in the nearby Stop and Shop. They had Rey, Finn and Jet Trooper. I grabbed the Jet Trooper. It's a fun, decently articulated figure.
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    My Force Friday today:

    Walmart (Cranston) - I got there a little after 7am. I got everything I wanted there. There were 3 other people in the isle picking up The Black Series figures. I picked up 3 TVC X-wing Luke and 2 Poes. I never pick up multiples like I did today, I feel a bit bad but I have reasons. For Luke, one to display, one going in the X-wing once I get it, and one to keep carded as I really like the cardback. That same image was also used as the title screen for Rogue Squadron on N64, one of my favorite video games. I got 2 Poes for the same reason, one to display and one in the X-wing. I was at Walmart yesterday scoping out the area seeing if they had anything out. The only stuff they did put out was the new Hot Wheels. I picked up the green Resistance A-wing. That rang up like a normal item, no restrictions there.

    Target (Smithfield) - I got there right at 8am. I waited outside for maybe 2 minutes. I didn't buy anything there, but spoke with a few other collectors which was cool, and one of the main reasons I came out. They had nothing in the toy isle, but they had a display pretty much right in the middle of the store that I somehow walked right bye. Even though I got everything at Walmart, Target's setup was much nicer. I thought about getting Zorri Bliss as it looks like she will be flying a Y-wing (I collect pilots) but will hold off until I see the film.

    Overall not bad, I'm happy I found everything. The very first Force Friday I went to multiple Walmarts and Targets. This year I just went to one of each, and was done in an hour. This year came at a good time for me, as I had a death in the family this week. At least I was able to get out of the house and get my mind off it for a bit.

    Edit - I placed an order on Dorkside for Luke's X-wing. I was going to do it through Hasbro Pulse but they were going to charge me $7 tax. Dorkside was $99.99 free shipping and no tax. Just a heads up.
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    Picked up The Black Series Luke's helmet and TVC Poe's X-wing from the Smithfield Barnes & Noble today. I still had birthday money from May I haven't touched so I figured I'd use it.

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    As of 6:45pm, Burlington Coat Factory in Johnston has the Solo TIE Fighter for $9.99. They also have the smaller Kessel Run Falcon for the same price. They have 2 of the bigger Kessel Run Falcons (that can fit the figures in) for $22.99.

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