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Thread: ROTJ History: Gerald Home's Creature Info.

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    Hi Gerald

    With Martin's amazing Quarren costume as inspiration ... I wondered whether you've ever thought of doing an incognito walk at Celebration ??

    I've seen Adam Savage's videos on Youtube of him blending in around the show floor at San Diego and wondered whether you had thought of doing something similar

    I think the 40th Anniversary of Jedi in a few years would be an awesome Celebration for you - I hope they do a Jabba's palace reunion as well as a Mon Cal photo shoot and invite you all along ( would be even better if it was in London ... )

    In Orlando they had a life size Jabba statue ... they are missing a trick if they don't bring you creature performers back for photoshoots with that

    Can you imagine walking around Celebration dressed in a replica of your ROTJ costume with nobody knowing it was you - I think it would be awesome

    Mal Skelton

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    Nerfherder, thanks for your lovely post and welcome to Calamarimen Land! I see you're in Denver, CO, one of the cities in the US I most want to visit. I'll get there one day. Please PM me and tell me a bit about yourself.

    Mal, I've never thought of walking around a con dressed as Tessek, incognito, but now that you mention would be interesting! One day maybe. And yes, it would be great to get us Jabba's Palace performers together for Celebration. By the way, Martin has plans for improving his Tessek costume, and is writing a guide for others who also want to make a Tessek costume.

    Speaking of Tessek, last night in Québec, a bunch of fans got together to do some fund-raising for the fan film QUE LE FAN SOIT AVEC TOI / MAY THE FAN BE WITH YOU. They said they were thinking of me and took this wonderful photo, which made me smile and brought a tear to my eye at the same time. How fantastic of them to think of me and pose as Tessek for this fun photo, and to send it to me:

    And here's a preview of the fan film - you'll see me near the end of it:

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    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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