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Thread: ROTJ History: Gerald Home's Creature Info.

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    Hi Gerald

    With Martin's amazing Quarren costume as inspiration ... I wondered whether you've ever thought of doing an incognito walk at Celebration ??

    I've seen Adam Savage's videos on Youtube of him blending in around the show floor at San Diego and wondered whether you had thought of doing something similar

    I think the 40th Anniversary of Jedi in a few years would be an awesome Celebration for you - I hope they do a Jabba's palace reunion as well as a Mon Cal photo shoot and invite you all along ( would be even better if it was in London ... )

    In Orlando they had a life size Jabba statue ... they are missing a trick if they don't bring you creature performers back for photoshoots with that

    Can you imagine walking around Celebration dressed in a replica of your ROTJ costume with nobody knowing it was you - I think it would be awesome

    Mal Skelton

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    Nerfherder, thanks for your lovely post and welcome to Calamarimen Land! I see you're in Denver, CO, one of the cities in the US I most want to visit. I'll get there one day. Please PM me and tell me a bit about yourself.

    Mal, I've never thought of walking around a con dressed as Tessek, incognito, but now that you mention would be interesting! One day maybe. And yes, it would be great to get us Jabba's Palace performers together for Celebration. By the way, Martin has plans for improving his Tessek costume, and is writing a guide for others who also want to make a Tessek costume.

    Speaking of Tessek, last night in Québec, a bunch of fans got together to do some fund-raising for the fan film QUE LE FAN SOIT AVEC TOI / MAY THE FAN BE WITH YOU. They said they were thinking of me and took this wonderful photo, which made me smile and brought a tear to my eye at the same time. How fantastic of them to think of me and pose as Tessek for this fun photo, and to send it to me:

    And here's a preview of the fan film - you'll see me near the end of it:

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    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    Greetings, (Rebel)scummers, I have some news for you:

    This coming weekend, I'll be in Gothenburg, Sweden, for Echo Base Live, Scandinavia, Episode 1 (Saturday 24 August). I'm thrilled and honoured to be the first-ever guest at this first-time event. I've been to Sweden several times before as a tourist and to visit friends, but this will be my first time signing there. I love Firsts! Here's info about the event:

    I remind you that I'll be going back to the US in mid-September, for 2 exciting conventions: ICCC in Nashville, TN (September 13-15) and Ancient City Con in St. Augustine, FL (September 20-22).

    Nashville info - make sure you see the Guests AND Panelists sections:

    I'll be doing a panel/Q&A on September 14 at ICCC with my Return of the Jedi colleagues Stephen Constantino, Sean Crawford, Tim Dry and Simon Williamson. My chum Kevin Liell will be hosting the Q&A. It will be live streamed on the ICCC facebook page at 4:30 pm, so set your alarm clocks for that!

    I'll have 3 days to be a tourist in Florida before ACC starts, so I'll see historic St. Augustiine and other places and cities. I know a lot of you live in or near FL, so I hope you come and see me there. Remember, I can tell you things in person which I can't put into writing! Florida is another First for me! Here's the ACC website:

    I have another con in Spain coming up soon, but I can't tell you about that until early September, and it looks like I'll be going back to the US in December. All very exciting!

    On a personal note (and very off-topic) I've had 2 operations this summer (both successful). One of the ops was to replace the cataract-covered lens in my left eye with a new lens! I can now see clearly without glasses for the first time in my life! I'll get a new lens in my right eye in October. I'm gradually turning into The Bionic CalamariMan! I hope you recognise me next time you see me, without my glasses!

    All the best for now.

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    Gerald Home
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    Hope you are going to the same show in December as me. It would be amazing to meet you in person!
    Ackbar1138: "The Prequels are better than the OT"

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    Which con are you going to in December? PM me if you don't want to post the info here. It is time we met, so let's hope that happens soon.

    I'm leaving now for Echo Base Live in Sweden. I'll be meeting lots of lovely fans from all over Europe - and singing lots of ABBA songs, and eating lots of smorgasbord and meatballs, hopefully!

    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    Thank you for hosting this thread! It has been very informative!

    A question regarding the identity of one of the performers in both Jabba’s Palace and on the Sail Barge sets. Never officially named (as far as I know), we’ve been referring to him as “the Priest” due to his black cassock. To me, he bears a striking resemblance to stunt coordinator Peter Diamond, who was also on set in the Sergeant Doallyn and lighhtman costumes; however, I haven’t been able to confirm or refute this. Any input into his identity?

    A few more images here:

    Thanks for your help!
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    I'm glad you're enjoying this thread. (I invite you to PM me with some info about yourself, please.)

    I've never been asked about Peter Diamond before, so thanks for asking. Unfortunately, I can't help. Yes, it does look like Peter in the photos, though I remember him as slightly older than he looks in the photos. I could be wrong.

    There's one "clue" in the photo which you've marked with the red arrow, which only a performer would recognise, I think: the person in the photo has a big, confident smile. That suggests to me that he's a person of some importance, not just a regular performer or extra.

    I have a suggestion: Do you know the stunt performer/director Paul Weston? He has had a fantastic career and is a lovely, very friendly guy, with a million stories to tell. He played Vedain on the skiff. In fact, he broke his leg in one of the skiff scenes! He's English,and lives in England, but was invited to go to Arizona to film those scenes. He would definitely know what Peter Diamond looked like in 1982, so I suggest you write to him via his website and ask him if he would look at your photos and tell you if it's Peter. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    I've just been booked for a show in London for later this year, my first event in London since 2012. I'll give you details when it's announced. In the meantime, you might like an interview I did in Sweden last weekend. The podcast is in Swedish, but my part is in English. My part starts about 1:14:55:

    Wes, thanks for your PM!

    All the best.

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    Gerald Home
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    Thank you so much for replying! Paul Weston seems like a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaeger45 View Post
    Thank you so much for replying! Paul Weston seems like a great idea.
    Please give Paul my best wishes if and when you contact him.

    .................................................. .................................................

    I have some new dates and events for you:

    As you know, I'll be at Mike Havens' amazing ICCC in Nashville this coming weekend, and at Ancient City Con in St. Augustine, Florida the weekend after that. (I'll have 3 days to be a tourist in between the 2 cons.) I'll be in the US for nearly 2 weeks, and when I return to London I'll have less than 2 days at home before I go to this event in Murcia, Spain, September 27-29:

    Here's the facebook page for that - you'll see a video from me there soon:

    After that, I'll get a new lens in my right eye, and rest my eye for several weeks, until my next con after that - the London Film Fair, Sunday November 17, my first event in London since 2012. Here are the website and facebook links - you'll see info from me on the website forum:

    That's all good news. The only sad news I have for you is that my trip to the US in December for the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker has been cancelled by the organiser, for understandable reasons.

    See you on the road!

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    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    Best of luck on the eye surgery!

    My father in-law was born in St. Augustine, so we went there for vacations many a time. Lovely historic city!
    — Mike

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