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Thread: ROTJ History: Gerald Home's Creature Info.

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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    Great info....Awesome to see someone directly involved with these films here. I met you Gerald back a few years in Framingham, MA., at Supermegafest in the Sheraton Tara. We discussed the Jabba Aliens pic, and you made mention then of the Richard Bonehill/ReeYees confusion also. If you recall, I had just ordered signed pics from your site, (Mr.Home?!) and you were still nice enough to talk at length with me and take photos, and I then sent you the pics via email the following week, great times, man-thanx!!! John

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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    Thanks for all the great information and welcome to the boards!

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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    Gerald, great to see you on the boards! I sat as your assistant (through two shifts actually as my replacement was a no-show) at C4. It was great sitting with you and hearing all the stories. One of the highlights of that celebration for sure!

    VERY informative post above and great to see that there is still integrity on behalf of some of those that sign for the fans.

    — Mike

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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    Welcome to the boards Gerald, I look forward to meeting you again on saturday


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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    Gearald I sent you info on the next Invasion, sorry hadn't read your post....hope you make it to the Con in October..;-)
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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    This thread is awesome!! Thanks Gerald.

    I am always happy to hear more about my favorite movie!

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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    Great stuff Gerald! Thank you!
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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    And here's your ROTJ-related trivia for today!

    Another one of us 9 "Mime Artists" was called Ailsa Berk. Who knows what creature she played in Jabba's Palace? She played Amanaman.

    Ailsa was a dancer, a highly-trained and experienced dancer, so it was kind of ironic that she played a static character like Amanaman.

    In the years after ROTJ, she worked on many movies, TV programmes and videos, either as a performer or talent crdinator or choreographer. She's still working today. Do you know what she has been doing in recent years? She has been the choreographer on a lot of episodes of Doctor Who. You'll often see her name in the credits. Here's a tip for you: if you've had no luck contacting her via her agent, you could try writing to her c/o BBC TV in Cardiff, Wales. That's where Doctor Who is filmed.


    And now to reply to your messages. Once again, thank you so much for all the kind words. I've been a bit overwhelmed, to tell you the truth - but in a nice way! Very nice indeed.

    Mike, thank you. I think I remember you, but - did we get a photo taken together at C4? If so, please email it to me and I'll know for sure. I never forget a face.

    John, thank you too. I still have the photo you sent me, so I know exactly who you are, and I remember our chat at Megafest very well. I'll be back in your area later this year. I can't tell you where yet, as it hasn't been officially announced, but it's not to Megafest or to Boston. So hopefully we'll meet up again before the end of the year.

    If anyone is interested, here's a nice little video interview recorded at Megafest a couple of years ago. It's a good companion oiece to the Sandtroopers video interview I gave the link to above. I'm at the beginning and then again later on. For the purists amongst you, it sounds like I say "THE Return of the Jedi", which is obviously wrong (no "the" in the title, as you know) but I don't actually say that: there's a little glitch in the sound just before I say the title, which makes it sound like I say "The".

    Jason, glad to hear you're going to the event on Saturday. See you then. It'll be the first signing I've done with Tim Rose since C4 and the first with Caroline Blakiston since C3, so I think we'll be co-signing a lot of the Mon Calamari photos I posted above. There'll be quite a few of us Star Wars and other guests there:

    That's it for now. All the best.

    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    I met Ailsa Berk YEARS AGO....She was working on a TV show called "The StoryTeller" Im glad to hear that she is still active and doing well.I would to see her at more Cons.Thx for the info.

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    Re: ROTJ History: Gerald Home\'s Creature Info.

    Great info mate... wish more actors would put info like this across to auto collectors. you a legend and more so to UK Fans,... you are the REAL Mr Muscle not that CGI abomination

    I think I met you at your first signing at memorabilia here in the UK and your last at Newport. did try an come over an chat but Fon was getting a couple of bits signed and I was one of the stall holders... Glad to know you are well.

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