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Thread: Recent Acquisitions Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPete View Post
    I didn't take a picture because, y'know, it doesn't really need one. But I recently scored a complete land of the Jawas base and escape pod (no backdrop Sandcrawler which is fine, because just these parts are what I was after) for $20 shipped. The escape pod is one of those things I owned once, like 25 years ago when I first got in to collecting and for some reason just hadn't reacquired until now. What a big stupid grin I had on my face when I opened it.
    Very cool and congrats! This guy at a local flea market has a mint backdrop but wont sell it untill he has the base which he says he has somewhere. Guess ill keep waiting.

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    This page doesn't seem to active anymore so I figured I would post some awesome coins I've picked up over the last 2 months. Yes, they are AFA graded but that section is also not very active. Anyway, I met a new friend on RS who helped me out with several of these. Others were bought through a guy I met on eBay. In this case who you know really came in handy! I never thought I would be able to own most of these coins. I sold around 40 loose figures to get these and a few other coins not pictured. No regrets! Figures are easy to come by. I also have another Cat 4 coin lined up, just finishing raising the funds for it.

    I now only need 13 coins!!! Display coming soon...

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    Those are really nice. Congrats!! Been into collecting for over 20 years, but have just recently gotten into the coins. You've got some great ones there.

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    Thanks wampa, good luck on your quest!

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    For around $130 I bought the following: Imperial Gunner (fantastic shape, coin included, missing gun), Royal Guard (complete, original pike and soft goods, looks great), Imperial Commander (repro gun) and AT-AT Commander (repro gun). Two repro weapons not withstanding; I think I did alright.
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    Randomly picked up a Jedi era Luke with a power-up accessory. As you can see from the pics, it doesn't match him at all, I have no idea what they were thinking.
    A brown Accessory on a black outfit! it DOES however, look superb on one of the Rey's..
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    Cool pics bro but this is the vintage section.

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