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Thread: News and Rumor Central - Clone Wars Edition v.6

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    I wanted to ask you guys with your rich experience: what are the chances that the new season will be accompanied by new figures or re-releases?

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    Great question, and it is one that is on the mind of everyone who collected the TCW line.

    Sadly the history is that Hasbro pretty much cut the TCW line short during season 3 of TCW show. After 2011, the line was pretty much reduced from 60+ new figures per year, to around 10. This big shame was that in seasons 4 - 6.5, there were a larger number of really great characters in the show that we would have really loved to have seen made into figures. But that was not to be.

    So what do I take away from that to what we have today? Well, pretty much that Hasbro has not changed their ways to what we would like. Distribution is very poor and the figures that are being made that are desirable, are not being put on pegs (TVC at Walmart and Target). So I have to say that I don't really see Hasbro making any efforts on these new TCW episodes. At best we may see some TCW TVC figures re-released like they have done with the Photo-Real, Gamorean Guard, Bobba Fett TVC figures. So there may be a Obi, Anakin, OBI, Maul release on TVC packaging that may have TCW labeling.

    From the trailers, it does appear that Season 7 Anakin, Ahsoka, and OBI-Wan have new models, so they do look different from the previous seasons. So there is a hope for new sculpts based on that. Finger crossed. I could even see some of those new Ahoska Livery Clone Troopers getting made. But again, Hasbro just doesn't seem to really embrace figures anymore. So I'm not left with any confidence that we will see anything.

    So you ask what are the chances? My guess would be 1 in 10 for anything, and 1 in 1000 for an impressive effort in releasing TCW line figures again.
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    Too bad. I always thought, that the Clone Wars toys sold pretty well despite some ugly flaws in their posibility. Hence I couldn't understand the lack of releases concerning the latter seasons, as you mentioned it.

    I also noticed the new look of the three starring Jedi. If there will be a new sculpt for them I hope they will be accompanied at least by a Bad Batch multi-pack.

    Out of all the modern action figure lines by Hasbro I like the Clone Wars toys most, since imho the cartoon style fits the 3.75 inch sculpt perfectly. It did especially back in the days when the photo-real head sculpts looked rather rough.

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    The CW line did insanely well, one of the best selling action figure lines Hasbro had - they even mentioned that at a convention years ago. I believe it was brought up at SDCC again this year, and I vaguely remember them saying CW characters would be peppered into other lines like TVC, but might not have their own animated line again...

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    I guess this would also mean that they loose their animated look and will be transferred to photo-realistic figures, right? Like it was done with Ahsoka or Clone Captain Rex as seen below.

    Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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    Precisely - realistically sculpted animated characters. Many of them look good, but some received a mixed reception by fans. They did some realistic CW sculpts in the various basic lines over the years as well - here's Gree, Plo Koon, and the gorgeous Jedi Temple Guard:

    Unfortunately, the basic 5 POA line is now gone, so that's another avenue for release that is now closed. So for the 3.75 scale, TVC is probably going to be the only option for CW characters, unless they drop something into the Retro line, but that would make little sense, and I'm not sure that would resonate with kids or collectors.

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    I got a Black Series 6" Commander Fox at Gamestop on Triple Force Friday. He looks great. Good to see a TCW figure get made again.

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