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Thread: News and Rumor Central - Clone Wars Edition v.6

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    They could release clone repaints for the 332nd Clone Batallion, Anakin (boring!), Obi-Wan (Boring!), Mando repaints or new legs for Mauls Mandos. They would only need a head and helmet for Bo Katan if they used isabet Reau body.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_sidious View Post
    Another thing we should keep in mind is that Hasbro wasn't given info on the CW revival until more recently, so any CW figures that are released next year will likely be characters they already have tooled, or were already in development. I think the best we can hope for is a few characters peppered into TVC or the basic line, similar to how the animated Rebels figures were initially released in the Legends line. They may also combine CW and Resistance into one animated line, once the Solo figures are wrapped up.

    Hee, heee….that's why I pretty much stuck to droids on my list (at least for astromechs)....easy repaints. And they don't necessarily have to be animated styles in my book....realistic would just fine by me and could easily integrate into those lines. Only new tooling I foresee is M5-BZ, but Gascon would be like creating a new 'accessory'.
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    Its a shame that so much great characters from Seasons 3 - 6 never made it to figures. In this new round of TCW is looks like the models for OBI Wan (got a Robe) and Anakin (new Hair, and clothes) have changed. So they could also use a new sculpt. Not to mention ex-Jedi Ahsoka has something on her head now where a hair line would be.

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    The only way I'd be happy to get duplicates such as Obi-Wan, Anakin and Grievous is if they were in 2-packs, or multi packs with new figures.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    Well I"m pretty sure we aren't going to get squat. I saw a YouTube interview with Hasbo about possible TCW figures after the SSDC announcement. Pretty much, We didn't know it was coming back, but if we do make any TCW figures, they'd be in the regular lines in a realistic format. Boo.

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    I think we're going to get something, just likely not what collectors or kids want - new characters. LFL is making the CW revival an event, so they probably gave Hasbro marching orders for merchandise. We know they have a number of figures sculpted that weren't released - they should get those out, even if they all have an animated likeness. I'd much rather buy Pong Krell or Spider Maul over a clone repaint!

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    My guess would be that we would get:

    Updated Aniken and OBI models.
    Maybe an updated Ahsoka
    and Likely a White/Orange Clone Troop with that Ahsoka marking on its helmet.

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    It likely won't be squat. If it happens with enough time for Hasbro to REact, we'll surely see some kind of 3-pk repacks to coincide. New figures though? Likely not.
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    Hasbro usually likes to have "something" available for media tie-ins, so it will likely be some kind of repacks as that's the easiest thing to do on short notice.
    Unless they truly do have a prototype of Krell, and decide now is the time. Which it is!
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