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Thread: R2-D2 Focus Collectors

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    Awesome stuff as always Toru!!
    R2 builder, Astromech Collector

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    Hey, Does anyone think they can grab an extra R2 pin at the celebration an send it this way? I would go to the Celebration, but as a 14 year old in Boston, it's a little hard.

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    Cool! Meesa love Jar Jar best, but I like R2 too!

    Edit: Sorry. Wife was laughing really hard and I couldn't figure out why. Now I know. I hate it when she does this, but sometimes it's pretty funny.
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    And now for something compleatly different:
    Well almost 48 hours ago I posted an enquiry in the Vintage section:
    Good A.M. Y'all,
    I was wondering if any of you vintage gurus have a list of the foreign to U.S. translations of C-3PO & R2-D2
    I enquire so that I may use them on my pending display on a small placard with the country's flag and the name
    I already have:


    Now in 118 views, it received only ONE responce being from Aussiejames, in which he added:
    Quote Originally Posted by aussiejames View Post

    So seeing as there is a dearth of knowledgeable friendly people there , I am re-posting my enquiry here and in the Astromechs collectors thread.

    As usual any and all information is greatly appreciated

    Spencer Dean Welch II?:>}
    Head Quartermaster of Wales (in Absentia)
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    I saw this Comicon item while touring Rancho Obi Wan and just had to have one. Found one on ebay and it arrived the other day. Haven't taken a pic yet - but here's the one from ROW. Very non-politically correct R2.

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