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Thread: R2-D2 Focus Collectors

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainsolo View Post
    Room looks awesome my friend.

    Did you change the rooms up or is this where it was the last time i saw it?

    Anyways, It really looks great. I like the AT-AT up on his hind legs

    Talk at ya later bro
    ok I give up who is captain solo? I think its sean am I right?

    This set up shown is the movie room downstairs. The R2 room used to be upstairs in the room that over looked the living room.

    BUT...... now its all being packed up again as we are moving in October :-(

    Sucks packing and moving.

    HOWEVER, I have a fresh canvas to start with at the new place!

    I will post an update in here soon as it is all set up!
    Dustin Roberts
    Content Manager - Your Daily Dose Of Star Wars - Star Wars Collecting News - Chicks Dig The Dome!

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    Great collections guys!
    I will have to get some pics of my collection and put them up!

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    Anymore R2 fan collectors out there? I am in the process of moving unfortunately and can't take picture right now. As soon as I am able to get everything set up again in a couple months, I will do so. I mainly collect astromechs and ewoks...and the occasional Boba and concepts!

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    Yes! Love it! I've always been an R2 nut myself. I have a hard time playing favs, so I don't consider mine a focus collection, but let's just say the R2 and Yoda items are the ones most frequently in the best display areas of what little space I have.

    Here, you other R2 nuts will get a kick out of this:

    still in the original shipper box!!! how cool is that?! The shipper box is actually specific to the R2-D2 character w/a label from Wilton's packing & distribution from 1980-

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    please help me


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    From the Pepsi Panson thread.

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    C6 vs ep33d

    Pepsi Bearbrick R2, Celebration Japan (left) VS Episode3 3D (right)

    Which do you like?

    Let me know!

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