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Thread: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s "The Saga Museum" Thread

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    How many years has it been now? I wonder how much compound interest was made on the money from the pre-orders to date.

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    Did someone had success with the refund over the last weeks/months? I am sending mails to since February without any feedback ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepFrozen View Post
    How many years has it been now?
    Its only been 11 years, give the man a chance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schneider View Post
    Did someone had success with the refund over the last weeks/months?
    Don’t worry about it, your money is safely invested in a grading company.

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    Is there anyone left who thinks this is actually going to ship? Just curious.

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    Can you imagine this matter in court? Judge: where is this book that your customers paid for in advance when they preordered this item? They were promised this book over a decade ago. His Reply:Your honor it’s only been 11 years and I’ve been very very busy and now I’m off on to something else. What book were we talking about again?
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    So CAS was partially funded by the book sale money, yet collectors (yes can be fools) send their collectables and grading money into CAS after this fact ? For what ? Has this topic been talked about on any podcast , more info ?
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    I’ll tell you one thing, there is a ton of loyalty on these boards. It’s clearly obvious as to what went on here with this book. A lot of intelligent posts have been made about it. The media would have eaten this up if the story got out. I always hear about how “you could always ask for a refund” meanwhile your money was getting flipped as you hung onto the promises
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    Unfortunately building allegiances is more important than truth and honesty to many people in this hobby. Better to keep quiet about things than potentially burn your bridges.

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    Get to it Vintage Rebellion or Chive Cast!

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    i just asked for a refund, replied to an email from 2015 updating my address, which I have since moved again lol
    and just now sent a message through the website, will see if i get my money back
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