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Thread: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s "The Saga Museum" Thread

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    OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    Hi Everyone,

    As the subject line states, the purpose of this thread is to serve as another official communication channel between Todd (and those of us working on the book) and the collectors who have either pre-ordered the book or might have interest in purchasing it once it’s finally completed.

    The goal is to provide regular status updates to help everyone better understand the scope of the project and all the hard work going into it. We also want to give the RS community a direct line of communication to get your questions answered. I will emcee the thread and post updates at a minimum of once a month or more as progress warrants it.

    Feel free to post any questions you might have about the contents of the book, request page samples, offer suggestions, etc. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get it directly from Todd ASAP. We would especially appreciate any positive feedback you might have on the content that has already been made public. If you have any questions or concerns that you’d like to discuss privately, don’t hesitate to email me at and I'll try to respond to you as quickly as I can.

    We’re especially looking forward to everyone sharing their thoughts and ideas on the book as well as getting answers to your questions.

    My only request is that you keep the thread positive and not use it as your personal editorial page to bash the project or the author.

    I plan to post my first update by tomorrow evening at the latest. I promise.


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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    This is good news.

    *Bravo* to you guys for the updates!
    Mike SCARDS22

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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    Thank you. I think this is a good idea. I pre-ordered my book at the first opportunity way back when and, even though it has taken a very, very long time, I think it will be worth the wait. I've seen it in digital form at C V and was blown away. I have no idea what the new retail price will be but am glad that I locked in at the original, lower rate. I think we all wish this project speed and success. Please keep us posted.

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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    Hi Bill.
    Thanks for the update of sorts. What sort of time frame are we looking at waiting further. Another 6 months? A few more months?

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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    I think its outrageous that it took a mountain of legitimate griping to finally....heh j/k looking forward to the updates.
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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the announcement and effort to rebuild the communication between Todd and the buyers / potential buyers community, it's really appreciated.

    I translated your post on the french collecting board to keep the french speaking collectors up to date too .

    Questions ( will not ask about a timeframe for the release as it has already been asked for ) :

    - It has been stated that the price will remain the same for pre-orders. What about the shipping fees for Europe ? Will these still be the same too ?

    - There were brochures announced for Celebration V, i don't know if these were printed, if yes, would you still have one available ?


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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    I am 100% serious about buying/pre-ordering a copy once a release date which is at least realistic if not concrete has been set. Would be good to know.

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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    Glad there is now a central thread for future updates. As others have asked it would be good to get a rough time frame for the final completion of the project.

    I pre-ordered this very near the beginning and even now after such a long wait I cant wait to finally receive it.

    Looking forward to future updates.
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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    Hey Bill. One of the issues I have is that I preordered way back when but have moved three times since I placed my initial order. I just want to make sure that when the book is shipped, that my address is up to date and will be shipped to the right place. I sent Todd an email from the blog site one time with an update but never got a response. Is there a better way to contact with updating information such as this? I look forward to seeing the book when it arrives. Thank you very much!!

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    Re: OFFICIAL Todd DeMartino’s \"The Saga Museum\" Thread

    Those brochures in themselves look cool
    it certainly is going to take a while to get through the completed book(s) I look forward to its release

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