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Thread: *NEW 2013 KITS READY* Han in Carbonite hero panel FULL lighting kit! pics/vids

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    Bumping this back up. Kits are built and ready to ship, send me a pm if interested.

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    Still have some kits available and ready to ship

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    Interested and sent you a PM. Thanks

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    Bump, still have a couple left

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    I have another batch of kits in process with a few spoken for and some extras as well. PM me if interested and I'll put you on the list to notify when complete. No payment required until your kit is ready to ship. I'll have these ready within a month, possibly sooner.

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    Kits are built and ready to ship, shoot me a message if interested.

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    Bump, I still have a couple kits left that are built up and ready to ship.

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