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Thread: Boba Fett Focus Collectors: Part 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by rnbuda View Post
    My Boba Fett is pretty much 95% finished. I do haves plans to give a few pieces upgrades in 2017 and Iíll continue to document the progress in this thread but hereís some crappy iphone pictures! Iíll post some better ones after the holiday festivities!

    Your boba is fantastic, cannot wait to see your jango !

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    Quote Originally Posted by bObA_fEtt_Ox View Post
    cannot wait to see your jango !
    That's what she said!

    Seriously though, that's a really nice looking Fett. Always wanted a Life Size version, but just not enough space. Especially now that i have a Barge.
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    Have you guys seen the latest offering from ProCustom Figures? The proto Fetts are pretty cool customs, and I'm glad he's stamping the feet to avoid scam-artistry.
    I hope HASBRO finishes the original 92+ on the Vintage Collection Cards...(approx. 34 needed to complete it, depending on your certain point of view.)

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    My Boba Fett collection: mostly GG mini busts and some 6" figures (not shown of Elite Series Boba, Proto Boba and Black Series Boba) but I also have some nice statues from XM, SS and Legends in 3D too.

    He's no good to me dead!

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    My updated Boba shelf, minus the XM statue. Also, pre-ordered the Black series helmet as well!
    He's no good to me dead!

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    Love that Koto statue!
    "He's no good to me dead."-Boba Fett

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