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Thread: Hunting Finds - Hasbro SPRINGS into action!

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    I did pretty good, but it took a lot of effort. I think I got everything that was available including a complete set of first edition 6”, complete set of black box 6”, all of the carbonized figures, 6” Commander Fox, all of the TVC figures, all of the 5” GOA figures, etc.

    I think I went to most Walmart’s a few times before they finally put out their figures. It seems like the TVC figures had a lot of crushed bubbles and it was had to get a set in decent condition. There were a lot of Star Wars collectors out yesterday. Talking with the store employees there were few if any Frozen buyers out. I think I was on of the few people to buy the 5” GOA figures. They look tiny in their small boxes
    Dangggggg that's a lot of cash and storage space haha.

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    Carbonized Sith Trooper arrived today. I'm kind of surprised it arrived in good condition considering it was shipped in an envelope!

    Also picked up Pop Exclusives.

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    More Triple Force Friday Deliveries

    Lego Promotion Delivery:

    Amazon Delivery, Carbonized Comparisons:

    New Hot Wheels:

    Darth Ray
    Wanted: Adventure Heroes Dr. Henry Jones 2-Pack, Titanium Die Cast Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, and Hot Wheels Starships: ARC-170, Inquisitor's TIE, Yoda's Starfighter, and Jango's Slave I vs Kenobi's Starfighter 2-Pack

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    GameStop figures arrived today.

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