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Thread: Ohio Finds Part 22

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    anybody locally have the Hasbro Pulse Premium membership and not plan to preorder the 3.75" VC Luke 3-pack ?
    I'm looking for 1-2 of those and would be happy to pay you a little for your troubles
    PM me
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    WANT: Maleval, Phobos, Nicanus Tassu, Llats Ward

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    Triple Force Friday finds: Mystery Box at North Olmsted Target (had to take it out of the shipping box on a stock cart); last exclusive carbonized Jet Trooper from North Olmsted Walmart; Resistance and First Order figure sets with free set of three prints from North Olmsted Disney Store; all other figures I was able to order online from Hasbro Pulse website at midnight.

    Today (Sith Saturday?): Last Clone Commander Fox exclusive figure from North Olmsted Gamestop (after picking up the newest Star Wars ornaments from the Hallmark store - new red Sith Trooper, Star Destroyer, set of three hanging light sabers, and Threepio and Artoo decked out for Christmas).

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