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Thread: Q&A: Have a MM, AF, Titanium or other question?

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    Hey RP,
    I only have the Micro Collection X-Wing and TIE Fighter: they're both slightly larger than the Action Fleet versions but the scale's pretty close. Can post a comparison pic for you, if you need more.
    Technically, Action Fleet and Titanium Series are part of the Micro Machines line but most regular MMs are usually much smaller, about 2 inches long. Titanium Ultra ships are the same size as Action Fleet but regular Titaniums are smaller, about 3.5" long. Hope that helps.
    Sorry, don't know anything about the scale of the Micro Collection playsets versus the other lines.
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    Thanks for the reply Darth_Duranium. I get the feeling the Action Fleet is smaller than the Vintage Micro, but if I see a cheap set I might grab it, just to compare.
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    Any news about the Diamond Select Klingon Bird of Prey? as seen here:

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    I asked them in a recent Q&A about their electronic ships - they said they're progressing nicely, and they didn't show them off at the most recent Toy Fair/s because it's a waste of time getting the prototypes sent to the US, then back to China.
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    I would really like to have a Klingon Bird of Prey in a larger and better scale than Micromachines, Strike Force or Hotwheels

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    hopefully someone may help me,
    In moving my collection, I have lost a missle for my Micro machines transforming MTT/ naboo battlefield playset. Does anyone have an extra they are willing to part with?


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    A few are. What you have is an amalgam of spaceships from Wars,Trek, Babylon5,Batman,Alien,etc. combined with other similar sized vehicles (like an AMT model TF Landing Ship and the Hallmark Droid Control Ship). I did spot a few customs like the TIE Defender (left) and the other small TIE Fighter-esque thing (bottom right). The resolution is so bad that it's kinda hard to tell (I'm even going cross-eyed a bit now), but there are probably more customs.

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    I think that is a tie hunter but I could be wrong.
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    Maybe it's that odd TIE Lancet thing from Empire at War?

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