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Thread: Q&A: Have a MM, AF, Titanium or other question?

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    Re: Q&A: Have a MM, AF, Titanium or other question?

    Where is thread with the listing of the action fleet figures that had the numbers on their feet and to which figure they went too? So I can match up my tie pilots with the right tie craft of my action fleet vehicles.
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    Re: Q&A: Have a MM, AF, Titanium or other question?

    I can't seem to find the thread, but I have a .doc file here

    It still needs a few more, but it's pretty complete.

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    Re: Q&A: Have a MM, AF, Titanium or other question?

    I noticed some of action fleet figurines didnt have numbers either. I wonder if that was a factory defect or they werent supposed to have numbers at all on them?
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    Re: Q&A: Have a MM, AF, Titanium or other question?

    They didn't start putting the numbers on until about late '97. So really, it was the last few waves of each line that got the numbers.

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    E-Wing Question

    The Action Fleet E-Wing oftentimes loses the wing cannon from what I've seen but thankfully not experienced... Do these snap back on or are they "broken" when this happens? Also, this may be a stupid question, but are the wing cannon pieces/parts unique to the AF E-Wing or is there an equivalent part from another ship one could use if you are trying to part together a complete ship?


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    Re: E-Wing Question

    The wing cannons are unique. They fit snugly in the wings, but are strangely not glued in. The cannons on mine can be removed fairly easily, and I'm guessing this is why we sometimes see Ewings on Ebay with missing cannons. FYI: They are made of the more vinyl-like plastic (like the X-wing lasers).

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    Re: E-Wing Question

    Yeah guys, my E-Wing came without the right cannons: someone glued some modified AF X-Wing cannons on. I knew this beforehand.
    Well, at least it was cheap!

    Speaking of Action Fleet, came across a pic of Efx's X-Wing proto from SDCC: very similar to the Action Fleet Alpha Series X-Wing.
    Damn, that's nice! McQuarrie is da shizzle.

    Diamond Select also showed what looks like an AF-sized Slave I... looks nice, too.

    BTW, I saw the new Hallmark Slave I in person yesterday... it was very tempting, much nicer than the earlier diecast Jango one. I passed due to the price... for now, anyways.
    If it had lights, I wouldn't have been able to resist.

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    Titanium Jango Fett---

    Titanium Jango Fett

    I actually found one of these today-- but since there arent any on ebay, and I know it was in the lost last wave-- (and its actually not in many of the collectors guides)-- anyone know the street value on this

    I usually open all my stuff- but since I figure this ones a little rarer (for a line that no one wants) ..Id figure I should hold off before opening this one...
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    Re: Titanium Jango Fett---

    I second stewbacca's question. I found one a few years back (the pic link has been in my sig for years), and wonder often what the current value holds at.

    I know about 3 years ago, I saw a few sell anywhere from $80 to almost $300 on ebay, but haven't seen any listed in almost that many years.

    Anybody with info on the street value, or ballpark production numbers for this (really want to know how many made it out of China, lol), please respond.
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    Re: AF & VIntage Micros

    Noob question (since I'm a 3.75" collector), but what is the size difference between the Micro Machine line and the vintage Micro Collection. I have a small vintage collection from my youth and if the AF/MM line is similar in size, I'd start getting some OT AF/MM pieces to add to the collection.
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