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Thread: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

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    Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    A Mandalorian Warrior has been confirmed for a basic release in the blue packaging in 2010/11, can we say fan favourite when this one gets released?

    Thoughts of seeing one carded?

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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    I guess I'll have to buy a Speeder bike version in the meantime to hold me over and worry about army building later

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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    I like the Mandalorian , so it's an good news.
    I buy an Mando with speeder bike.
    And I want more Mandalorian , so it's a good news for me that he will be released in basic.
    So I think , I will buy two Mando in basic.
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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    although im looking at that mando BP (hope it includes that mando sniper) and i want at least one mando bike, im still gonna get at least one single-carded mando, you can never go wrong with these guys.

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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    Probably a repaint/retool of Pre Vizsla. If so, I'm up for one
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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    Looking forward to this figure, i hope this is a different paint deco than the speeder bike version, it would be even better if its a repainted Pre Vizsla with a new head.

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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    I will get a lot of these figures when they come out.

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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    Quote Originally Posted by grievous444
    I will get a lot of these figures when they come out.
    Same here. I'm gonna try to get at least 3 or 4 of these guys. I'm just gonna wait for these instead of the speed bike pack.

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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    Hopefully they include the Death Watch rifle with this one. Not the sniper rifle (though that'd be neat, too) but the one that looks like their blasters. Since the biker Mando doesn't have it.

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    Re: Mandalorian Warrior - CW29

    Repack of biker Mando?
    Good to hear, I'll avoid buying the more expensive bike and wait for this one

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