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Thread: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

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    Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    Since the last thread is nearing the end please continue on here.

    Source: The Clone Wars
    Year: 2009 Toys "R" Us Exclusive
    Assortment Number: 91799
    UPC Number: 6 56569 44969 0

    Weapons and Accessories:

    Firing Missile Launchers
    Opening Canopy
    Flip-Open Missile Launchers
    Deployable Troop Platform
    Swiveling Tail Gun
    2 Chin Gun Missiles
    2 Firing Laser Cannons
    2 Rotating Turrets
    2 Storage Bays
    20 Missiles
    Combat Handle
    Vehicle Transport Bay
    Diorama Insert

    Click the image above for more images

    The Republic Gunship can blast the droid army with blistering weapons fire and transport of clone troopers into battle. This aerial attack craft is heavily armed with missile launchers, chin guns, and bubble-shaped laser cannon turrets. Rugged and fast, the LAAT/i (Low-Altitiude Assault Transport/infantry) vessel is a Republic workhorse, seeing extensive combat throughout the Clone Wars

    Points of Interest:

    • This Republic Gunship ("Crumb Bomber") is based on the 2002 SAGA Republic Gunship, with a few new features: the side doors can be completely sealed off, and the top cannons now have hidden rotating missile launchers.
    • The text on the nose art says "Laugh This Off" in Aurabesh

    Thoughts on this vehicle? Did anyone end up army building this vehicle?

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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    Please for the sake of the creator make the next gunship with the full doors, but make them collapsing or half removable if possible...

    I am still disappointed that the few of these that they had at my local TRU only lasted a few weeks and were never seen again!
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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    This thing hung around at my TRU for ages, and they must've had at least 30 of them floating around the store, but the ridiculous price point kept me from buying it. Then, when I heard it was on clearance I ran over to see if I could score this and the TIE Interceptor that had been warming and put on clearance as well, and when I got there, they were all gone, completely disappeared, and I know that they didn't sell through all of them, so I was incredibly frustrated needless to say. My hope is that the next time they re-release this, they wait until the 3D release of AOTC, so that way it would stand a chance of not being an exclusive, and hopefully have a slightly lower price-point. This is probably just wishful thinking though.

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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    This is my second favorite incarnation of the Gunship. It loses out to my black "Command Gunship" though, but only by a little. The tinted cockpit windows are a little detracting IMO, and those side doors (not the bay doors, but the ones DIRECTLY behind the cockpit) flop open too easily sometimes.

    But other than that the Crumb Bomber is a solid ship. Just can't beat the butt-kickin' paintjob that the Command Gunship has though.
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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    Will Hasbro release another gunship anytime soon? I have an original AOTC gunship, but would love to add a Clone Wars version with the full doors. I would love to get a "Shark Face" version too! Anyone think that Hasbro will re-release that one too? <- My feedback thread...

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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    Hopefully they do , ill take any of the " Landing at Point Rain " decos as well!
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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    I was kind of disappointed to have missed out on this one. I had really thought that it was going to stick around for years. But it disappeared quickly.

    I would like to see it released with multiple nose art options. There really are a lot of cool ones that have been on the show.

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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    Quote Originally Posted by MandoMan
    Hopefully they do , ill take any of the " Landing at Point Rain " decos as well!
    The Dooku Boot would be great.

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    Re: Republic Gunship - Crumb Bomber v2

    If it's in the same price range as the Clone Shuttle, is it possible Hasbro would ship the Gunship along with the Shuttle? I don't remember the Gunship hanging around very long on shelves except when it was overpriced as an exclusive.

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