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Thread: Canadian collectors info and help thread

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    I just found the Target exclusive Elite Snowtrooper at EB Games. It was just the figure and not part of the “mystery” box.
    I picked up a pair of those last Thursday. Same figure as FO Snowtrooper #12, but the cape makes this one cooler.

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    The new Vintage wave (Jawa, Yavin Liea, etc) is up on Amazon for pre-order now. I wouldn't count on them though, as they've been screwing people over on pre-orders for a while. I had the "Bro Thor" wave pre-ordered and as soon as the ship date arrived the status changed to "delivery date pending, we will deliver when we can". And it's been like that for a couple weeks.

    They're also starting to put up the next Black Series wave. Biggs is up, along with the new trooper. I'm hoping Yavin Luke goes up soon. I really want that version because he wears that outfit throughout the current Marvel comic.

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    Purge Stormtrooper has started showing up at EB Games. I don’t know what happened to the stock in transit to Calgary, but I had to drive to 3 stores before I found one that wasn’t damaged.

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