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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    Right now I'm in the midst of Catalyst: A Rogue One novel.
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    Rogue One Catalyst and Rebel Rising are really good if you want to read what went on before the Rogue One movie

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    I just started Leviathan Wakes. I've been dying to get a good sci-fi story and this more than qualifies. Love The Expanse, and getting deeper into the universe and lore is a treat.

    Also, I'll possibly be taking part in a book-on-tape for Shadowrun: Crimson (if the funding goes through). REALLY looking forward to that.
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    I just started re-reading Star Wars Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor earlier tonight. Second time or third time im reading it. Then whenever I get done with that ill be reading the Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy hardcover and then probably re-read all 3 of the Aftermath novels and then the Phasma and Bloodline novels

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    With the holidays coming up, I was thinking of some SW novels to put on my wishlist. Anybody got any good tips? Preferably from 2014 onwards, as they're easier to obtain for family.

    I've already got Dark Disciple and Inferno Squad and prefer to read about new characters than movie mains. Also, I don't want straight movie novelizations.
    Twilight Company is one I'm definitely adding.
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    Twilight Company is really good. Its about a group of Rebel troopers that go to planets to do missions and they even end up on Hoth when Vader comes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickdurfee View Post
    Twilight Company is really good. Its about a group of Rebel troopers that go to planets to do missions and they even end up on Hoth when Vader comes.

    Yeah man, that book is great. I love how they give "life" to their ship with how they're always caring for it.
    Then, when what happens when they're on that last planet, I was like,"Ohhhh shhhhhhhhhh**!!!"
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    I'm re-reading Star Wars X-Wing book 1 for the 3rd time today. ill probably breeze through the whole book this weekend and even Monday. Then I need to stick with reading Wheel of Time Great hunt along with Star Wars Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy and Star Wars Aftermath

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    Just started Black Spire. 50 pages in and I like the start. Hoping to finish it before I head to Batuu and WDW in November.
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    Just finished reading the first Star Wars X-Wing novel. Great story in it but the last speech by the main Imperial bad guy is a bit cheesy. He's pretty much talking to himself saying "Ill get you Corran Horn and your little dog too. "

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