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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    Im re-reading A New Hope from my old worn out paperback of Star Wars original trilogy. Rereading it before reading Battlefront II Inferno Squad.

    also planning on reading either Wheel of Time Eye of the World or Mistborn Trilogy for the rest of May and for June

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    This past week finished "Master & Apprentice" by Claudia Gray and "Dooku: Jedi Lost" (audio drama) by Cavan Scott.

    With the 20th anniversary of TPM at hand, these were a nice, nostalgic stroll down Prequel memory lane. Post Disney reboot after they blew-up the existing EU, not much is out there regarding this pre-TPM period of time. And even that older material didn't have A LOT in regards to the motivations, the why & how Dooku made his Dark Side turn. (Exception, I'm looking at the underrated "Yoda: Dark Rendezvous.")

    "D:Jedi Lost" bounces back and forth between 2 main time periods; 1) following his rise through the Jedi order and 2) a prequel-era story-line where Dooku sends Asajj Ventress (who's really the main protagonist here) on a special mission. I won't get into any plot points or details, but will say that this story doesn't end seguing into the AOTC-version of Dooku. Which makes me think we could get more installments if this audio drama-only version turns out to be profitable for the House of Mouse.

    The voice acting is solid except for 1 HUGE glaring, baffling choice: The actor chosen to voice adult Dooku does not remotely sound like C. Lee. It's quite evident they didn't even try. Clearly a conscious choice they made for the character, but the dissonance of it never was resolved through what I was hearing. I knew this character was called "Dooku" and referred to that name all the time. But whenever the voice actor spoke as the character of Dooku, I had to keep reminding myself this is supposed to be Chris Lee talking. It just doesn't work. (Think--bigger difference in voice/tone/inflection than Clive Revill and Ian McDiarmid.) All the other characters have voice actors that imitate the other character voices we've come to know, like Yoda, QGJ, Ventress, etc., but for some ridiculous reason, they don't do it for the character this whole freakin' thing is about??!! Frankly, that poor producing/directing decision really hurts the whole project, IMO, and I have no choice but to drop it a 0.5 point because of it. 3/5 stars.

    "M&A" isn't really a sequel to "D: Jedi Lost", but in some ways it feels like a companion piece. This one mainly focuses on the relationship/partnership between QGJ & OWK. But there are flashbacks and references to many characters that are shared between both stories. Clearly, the Disney Lucasfilm Holocron Keepers were overseeing that both these offerings compliment, not contradict each other. The new character who appears in both is named Rael Averross. Feels like part amalgamation of a less-serious Quinlan Voss (renegade-type) & maybe a little more unhinged QGJ (Gonna do what he gonna do, despite what Jedi Council says); a "no F's given" type, a willful in-your-face Jedi Code breaker, etc. Throw in a completely unnecessary poorly performed Southern (American) drawl accent, throw some dirt on, and you'll get this guy. Personally, for me he wears thin pretty quickly, especially in the "M&A" book, but I really don't care about this new made-up character, so not worth wasting my time dogging on him. Just don't be surprised to see more of Rael in the future if they continue with more pre-TPM material.

    "M&A" does a good job focusing on the main element throughout the story; the dissonance between the opposite pairing of QGJ (unorthodox approach of doing things) & OWK (strictly by the Jedi handbook-type). And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention there's a decent amount of philosophical difference expressed between QGJ & the Jedi Council as well. Again, for me the story plot never rises above the typical, boiler-plate Star Wars novel-level thinking here. Though the plot is mainly forgettable, for me it really only serves as a vehicle by which the true pleasure and payoff is we get to experience a better sense and understanding of our favorite characters--how it enhances them and adds to what we've already seen of them in the prequel-era movies. 3.5/5 stars

    Final note: As Yodanews mentioned in their review, if you're going to do both, listen to "Dooku: Jedi Lost" first, then listen/read "M&A". Unfortunately, I did it the opposite way b/c at the time I didn't understand how closely they were related in theme and shared-characters. I don't think it hurt, but if I were to do it again, I'd go more for the chronological approach. Overall, these are enjoyable light listening distractions while I mow or do other chores. These offerings do not arise to the level of Zahn, Lucerno & Kemp in quality of authorship, but are still entertaining nonetheless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DC1376 View Post
    Reading Darth Maul: Lockdown.
    On vacation and finally finished Darth Maul: Lockdown. Debating whether or not to start Phasma or wait until I get home and start Thrawn.
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    Hi everyone. I am new here. I like reading books and right now I am reading Ender's Game

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    Welcome. You'll enjoy it here.
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    Not Star Wars related, but The Last Battle by Stephen Harding. I grabbed it from Books-A-Million while visiting my dad in Tennessee. It tells the story of the final battle of the European theater in World War II: a group of French civilians - including tennis champion Jean Borotra - are holed up in the Schloss Itter in Austria, a medieval castle that's been converted into an ad-hoc prison by the Nazis, who've abandoned their posts in the wake of Hitler's suicide.

    But now a battalion of fanatical SS troops commanded by Major Georg Bochmann, who refuse to surrender even though the war is basically over, has taken it upon themselves to besiege the castle so they can murder the prisoners in what is probably history's greatest example of cruel pettiness. The prisoners' only hope for survival? American Army tank commander Captain Jack Lee and his Sherman tank (nicknamed "Besotten Jenny") and some unlikely allies - a German Heer (Army) officer named Major Sepp Gangl and his men, plus, of all things, an SS officer (!!!), Captain Kurt-Siegfried Schrader, who has seen the light. Along with Austrian resistance members, this ragtag group heads to the castle. The SS get there shortly afterward. The French prisoners arm themselves with weapons their former captors left behind, and join the mixed group of American, German and Austrian soldiers in fending off Bochmann's Nazi hordes. Can they make it until Lee's superiors send much-needed reinforcements...?

    This sounds made up. Like something Alistair MacLean (Where Eagles Dare, The Guns of Navarone, etc.) would write, but it's completely true. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    Hey, Quentin Tarantino! Make this into a movie already!

    I'm also reading Beast by Peter Benchley (hooray for giant squids) and Joseph Payne Brennan's short story collection The Shapes of Midnight (containing such gems as "Diary of a Werewolf," the radioactive zombie tale "The Corpse of Charlie Rull," and the ever popular blob monster classic "Slime"). I like to alternate between multiple books at a time so I never get bored.
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    Im currently reading Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad.

    then for the rest of this month im planning on reading these books to get it done with

    Interview with the Vampire
    Wheel of Time Book 1 Eye of the World

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