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Thread: Oregon Episode III

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    Found Veers at Walgreens on Scholls and Murray today. 1 left after I got mine.

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    5 or 6 Veers at Walgreens on McLoughlin and Arlington today. I have mine, so they were all there when I left.

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    Brickseek showed BS6 stock increases by 8 pieces at many WM's in the greater Portland area this morning. Went to Tigard, found Vintage Wave 3, but no new BS6. Went to Happy Valley... No new BS6, but they had Vintage Wave 3. Next, 82nd Ave Portland... Some new BS6 from the Rebel Trooper wave and Vintage Wave 3. Decided I did not want to go back to work yet, so I headed for Woodburn... Vintage Wave 3 and... 7 Mimban Troopers. 6 of those left after I got mine. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
    The last one I went to was Celebration Anaheim in 2015 and it was incredible, one of my best ones. Star Wars Celebration's are the most incredible experiences for Star Wars Fan's. I have met and seen so many people across the world at these Celebrations. It's amazing. I haven't been to Chicago so the Celebration is not the only reason I would love to go! I am looking at a 5 day pass on eBay and it is almost at $300, so it is going to cost me if I am able to go! Wish me luck!
    Only a few weeks left. Just wondering if any other Oregonians are going to celebration. I know last time there were 5 or 10 others on the same flight out of pdx.

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    Sadly I am not able to make it but damn I wish I was could be in Chicago with all you Oregonians and the greatest fan's in the world of Star Wars. Have fun and take it all in! It will be an incredible experience!
    Please email me or Instant message me with any questions.
    GTS:RICK, Darth Phagan
    Great Buyers: dead jedi, Alf's Revenge, Imperialtrooper, Jar Jar sucks

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    Just checking in to the Oregon forum. There hasn't been any activity here for awhile.

    I'm always looking to buy SW frisbee items or Two Tubes items.

    I have a lot of Lego, 6" figures and other stuff to trade/sell if anyone is looking for anything particular.

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    It's been a bit of a desert around here for SW.

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    It's the calm before the storm with D23 coming soon...then the mandalorian, then ep 9.
    But ya, this area of the forum is always a bit slow unfortunately. Washington has a much more active collector community.

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