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Thread: Oregon Episode III

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hutt View Post
    I went to the starwarstore the other day. Pretty neat, Prices weren't horrible. Worth stopping by.
    Are they back inside the mall, or in one of the surrounding strip malls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spassvogel View Post
    Are they back inside the mall, or in one of the surrounding strip malls?
    They are in one of the outlying buildings in the northeast corner, up against I-205.

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    I know its a long shot but... Anyone else from Oregon going to the Rancho Obiwan Gala this year?

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    Hey all!

    I don't post here much and I haven't actively collected figures and vehicles in *YEARS*, but I wanted to pass along my score from yesterday.

    The Hasbro Black Series Poe Dameron X Wing Helmet is on sale at Target (online) for $63.99. Text TOY to 827438 (TARGET) and you will get a link for a 25% off coupon. If you use it online, make sure you scroll down on the browser window and use the alpha numeric PROMO code.

    It's really cool, I got it for $47.99, and it ought to keep my inner child happy for 5-10 minutes...

    (I am wearing it in my profile photo.)
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    If anyone in the Salem area needs Death Troopers or Scarif Troopers still, the Walmart on Turner Road had two of each. (In addition to the Han/Phasma wave in droves, and a few others from Rogue One.

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    Wandered around the greater Portland area today looking for the new items that were supposed to be released 4/13... Walmart’s were mostly a bust, with just a handful of the new Hotwheels in yellow Solo packaging. Most Targets had BS6 Tarkin wave, but no signs Q’ira or 4LOM. Found all of the new BS3 on vintage cards, Force Link 2, all of the Solo ships and most of the 5POA Solo figures (no Range Troopers or Mimban Troopers). The BS6 Sandtrooper set was also available at Jantzen Beach and Wilsonville Targets. My surprise find...the 10” Funko POP Porg at Target in Sherwood! They were behind the counter in the photo department, being rationed one per customer.

    All in all, not a bad day after yesterday’s disappointment.

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    Yeah, I went to the Walmarts in Tigard and Sherwood and was surprised they had nothing. Sherwood had literally nothing in their Star Wars aisle.

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    I picked up 2 more Hasbro Black Series Poe Dameron X Wing helmets on clearance at Target a couple of weeks ago. $39.99 each.

    I'm stashing these away for when my very little kids are old enough to want to play with and inevitably fight over mine.

    Calculating that with the coupons and credit card rewards points that I used for the first one, I got 3 for the price of one!

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    oh man. I cannot find the giant porg pop. My daughter collects porgs.

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    Man, one thing that sucks for me is that all of the super walmarts are going to start closing at midnight or 2am now instead of staying open all night. My work schedule means that after midnight was my most common shopping time for toy runs. I went to the Tigard Walmart tonight before they closed at 1am and they had nothing new. I decided to do a mini-run so I bombed down I-5 to the Woodburn Walmart only to find that it was closed for the installation of new registers. I went to the Lancaster Walmart in Salem only to find that it now closes at midnight. Then I took a jaunt over to the Turner Rd. Walmart and even though it was open, they had a sign saying that they would be closing at midnight starting in a couple weeks.

    Turner Rd. did have the new solo figs and the new TVC figs. Hoth troopers were already gone, but I picked up Captain Bathrobe...I mean Snoke, as well as the Lando 2-pack and a bobbed hair Khaleesi figure. So far that is the only time I've seen the new stuff in the wild. Fred Meyer has the pegs up but they are still empty.

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