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Thread: Oregon Episode III

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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    Quote Originally Posted by aznbala503
    SW store in the Clackamas mall is gone!! Saw the new CW wave at Clackamas TRU
    Interesting. I remember visiting that store the last day it was in Milwaukee and it was pretty cool, but once they moved to the mall, the prices went up a bit, and they went hardcore into scalping. Target, Walmart, TRU Exclusives were there with a 30-40% markup.

    One good thing I got there was the Scramble On Yavin set for $24.99 though...$5 over retail, but better than Ebay prices at the time.

    I wonder if all that backstock of carded figures just petered out, and the mall-rent was too high to keep it going.

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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    My wife got me a GamGaurd for christmas there. Only place Ive seen one. It was $10. I didn't buy much stuff there. I wish stores would start getting more SW stuff in. Every store is either empty or has TESB or ROTS pegwarmers.
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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    I agree. Most stores I've been to are completely barren. Fred Meyer in my area have now moved from 5 vintage pegs to 1.

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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    Same up here in Vancouver, Wa. There is nothing on the pegs at any of the stores as far as the vintage line.

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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    Most Targets around the area are restocking with ROTJ. TRU is pretty bad, they still have the ROTS wave..and they're 12 bucks each.

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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    Does TRU have the Endor pilot packs?

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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    they had one of each friday.
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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    I guess I will have to start checking stores again. Need another Gam Gaurd and Wicket to open.
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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    One of yours found both waves!!! (Taken from the walmart thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by antiquegamer
    I found Attack of the Clone wave and wave 5 last night at local Wal-mart. (north of Portland, OR) The AoTC didn't ring up at register and the poor clerk have to manually register them into the system. Great figures for the most part. My local Wal-mart have no clearance items as far as Star Wars, most were all clear off the shelves after Christmas. (Same at Target, everything was gone, I was hoping to get 9pack on discount). Actually in my area all vintage series were all gone with exception of the clonetroopers (RotS) and the Sandtrooper.
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    Re: Oregon Episode III

    I went by TRU today and they had plenty of the Endor packs. $24.99 was *painful* but I'll probably get good rewards later on.

    Juco texted me about 5 minutes after I left saying he'd spotted them too, hehehe.

    The rest of their Star Wars section is its usual depressing self. A single Magnaguard, but the rest of the Vintage figures were Dengars, 4-Lom's and Sandtroopers. (for 10.99 each!).

    Tons of cartoon figures of course.

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