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Thread: Area Reports Part 2

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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    ot if anyone want 3 3/4 thor figures i had tru eastgate out out their whole tock.

    left them all as id bought them from milford target a couple weeks back



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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    ot scored all of glc wv 2 at meijer woohoo


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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    saw quite a few of the new cw wave at walmarts

    pick the best paint apps as they are rough

    also if anyone sees the jedi turbo speeder at retail id buy it its a sweet vehicle i would not recommend ordering online as the price would be to high as retail is tough to pay on vehicles now

    just a heads up to for anyone that wants to order online id deal with bbts they have a pile of loot option so you can store up orders and save huge amounts on shipping. thats were i got my cw jesse figure from and order a lot from them. places like ee etc...screw you over on shipping.



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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    I have MOC for local trade (Mason area) weekend April 9th
    VC40 R5-D4
    VC39 DSE Luke
    VC30 Zam
    VC27 Wicket
    VC26 Endor Rebel
    VC25 R2
    VC24 Woof
    VC7 Dak
    CW Commander Lock
    CW ARF Trooper Teth Camo
    CW Season 3 New Anakin
    CW Commander Wolffe
    CW Aqua Droid
    CW Pre Vizsla
    Looking to trade for MOC Vintage Wave 6 figures.
    PM me if interested...
    My Trade Thread & My Feedback Thread
    WANT: Maleval, Phobos, Nicanus Tassu, Llats Ward

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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Obi_Dan_Kenobi
    Saw some wave 5 at Red bank Wal-Mart. Luke and Han and I believe the Utapau Clone were gone, but there was one each of Yoda, Gree, Stormtrooper, and R5. There was also a Jedi Luke, but it was on the old card (with the peg hole).
    I got the last Utapau clone at Redbank. I've seen the new Geonosian two-packs at Target, didn't pick them up. I haven't spotted a Lock or Wolffe yet, but Redback WM did have a swapped item and a large collection of the new Saga Legends figures, including Greedo. I'm going to another Target today, and I'll report what I find, so others may enjoy. (The Kmart near Plainfield RD. has barely anything, The only interesting things I've seen there are and Ackbar, Jodo Kast, and Lock)
    "Whenever I thought of new figures about a year ago, I saw good sculpt and great paint, now I see good sculpt, but figures that look like glossy chocolate."
    Think about it for a while. Now I bet you're hungry.

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    Restock of wv 6


    i couldnt get logged bk in for days but luckily i can today. saw restock of wv 6 at some stores that sold them almost 10 days ago.

    vinatge weequay wave look liked
    2 cases at ft wright
    1 case at redbank
    1 case at alexandria

    there you go i left them all as i got them last round.

    saw restock of deluxe figures as well but it was old case revisions, i want to find another jesse to compare from my bbts one.

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    Re: Restock of wv 6

    Thanks for the heads up! I didn't make it over to Redbank until yesterday morning, but I still managed to snag the Weequay, Lando, and R2. Also, oddly, there was a Legacy Slave Leia hanging on the pegs in front of the vintage figures which rang up for a whopping $4.50. I had been looking for a second one to put in a Jabba display, but I didn't want to pay the $30 asking price on ebay. Score!

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    Re: Restock of wv 6

    no problem glad i could help

    well i was torn this week. what to buy? what to leave or buy both? did i make the right choice ? lol

    i bought the army of the republic bp at walmart left the droid gunship at target

    reasoning was i figured the ship will get a repack in another case and there will be a new vehicle or 2 i may want in that case as well, and with vehicles bbeing slow sellers ill get the new case online and not need two gunships. hard to do though as i really like the droid ships.

    the clone bp is cool just wish it had one unique clone tossed in there as the cw offers so many.

    both cost under 30 bucks so its a lot to pay for items


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    Re: Restock of wv 6

    glad i could make it to the oswcc cincy south meeting saturday.

    good time was had.

    also went back and picked up the droid gunship at target.


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    Re: Restock of wv 6

    yeah thanks to a fellow collector wave one is in the bag

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