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Thread: Area Reports Part 2

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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    Quote Originally Posted by sean_hensley
    I saw 3 (Yoda, 212th Clone and Gree) at Ridge WalMart this morning.

    You know the yellowing is because they are using an inferior plastic. Although my son likes them, I'd prefer they go back to the clones not having removable helmets.
    I agree

    I dont buy regular clones anymore. The clone wars helmets look good in scale and dont have this problem.



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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    well i havenet seen much talk about wave 4 nothing really in the line for me except the zam and on the fence on fisto

    so i picked up the wave for anyone that wants to trade for them

    i dont have time to get to target anytime this week

    looking for 4 marvel universe figures i dont have roughly same price as the sw

    i dont care about card as im a opener

    these are the four in the order of want if anyone wants to trade

    ms marvel dark avenger version
    warpath reb and blue
    daredevil dark wash
    phasing vision

    just pm me figured id post here instaed of the trade forum


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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    i also picked up xtras of the cad bane toto wave if anyone wants them


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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    just looking for some wv5. Found wv4 and some wv5 out of town near tn border over wknd

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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    what wv 5 you need ?

    also im looking for a barc speeder with jesse


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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    luke dse, r5 and thibking i may want stormtrooper too

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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5


    ive got u a r5 for sure then bought one didnt open it decided to stick with the old one


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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    looks like most walmart stores restocked vintage of obe flavor or other


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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    lucked out and had few spare mins b4 called to work when i thought i have day off, so hit 1 wm and found wv5 needs. Not sure when my schedule would allow me to meet up ds otherwise but thanks anyways

    just now grabbed a jedi turbo speeder off hts, guess if missed wv5 this am, hts wouldve gotten more $$ from me

    so now i am all caught up untill vtc wv6 and/or next cw wv(s)

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    Re: TVC Waves 4 and 5

    thats cool

    i bought the new cw target 2 packs today at milford

    geo waxer special ops and bd commander

    14.99 each

    087 06 0044

    good luck


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